Associate's Degrees in Medical and Health

Associate's Degree Information: Medical & Health Degrees

This category has articles for different associate's degrees in medical and health that will provide you with the training and knowledge to secure a job in the exciting world of healthcare. There is information on many degree's including biotechnology, healthcare administration, insurance billing and coding and nursing. Each article includes an overview of the degree program, examples of coursework, skills acquired and a career outlook.

Advanced Medical Assisting Associate Degree

Learn about medical assisting associate's programs and their admission requirements. Get information about course topics, and explore job duties and the employment outlook for medical assistants.

Anesthesia Technologist Associate Degree

An associate's degree in anesthesia technology trains you to sedate hospital patients for surgeries and other medical procedures. Learn about associate's degree programs and certification options below.

Biomedical Equipment Technology Associate Degree

As a biomedical equipment technologist, you help maintain and repair medical equipment, like respirators, heart monitors, X-ray machines and imaging equipment. Learn about degree, course and certification options.

Biotechnology Associate's Degree Program

Find out what biotechnology associate's degree programs are available and what topics will be covered in these programs. Learn what jobs you can get after graduation and what the job outlook is for this field.

Clinical Assistant Associate Degree Programs

Earning an associate degree in laboratory technology could qualify you to become a clinical assistant. In this profession, you play a vital role in determining patient diagnoses by performing supporting tests and analyses. Learn about the...

Clinical Medical Assistant Technology Associate's Degree

Earning an associate's degree in clinical medical assistant technology can qualify you to work in the medical field, and you'll usually participate in an internship to gain practical experience. Learn more about these degree programs, what a...

Clinical Medical Assisting Associate Degree Programs

Find out what a clinical medical assistant does and the types of settings where these professionals work. Learn about program and course options, as well as salary and employment outlook.

Clinical Medical Specialist Associate Degree Program

Find out what clinical medical careers are open to individuals with associate's degrees. Learn what subjects are covered in medical assisting associate's degree programs.

Fitness and Exercise Management Associate Degree

Fitness and exercise management associate degree programs teach students the skills to work as personalized trainers and in other related positions. Read on to learn about coursework and potential careers.

Health and Exercise Sciences Associate Degree

If you have a passion for staying fit and would like to help others get fit, consider an associate's degree program in health and exercise science to prepare for this field. For more information on what types of classes are included in these...

Health Care (AASHC) Associate's Degree

An Associate of Applied Science in Health Care (AASHC) program can help you provide patient care and administrative support in a medical setting. Continue reading for more information on health care associate's degree programs, curriculum, online...

Health Care Administration Associate Degree

A career in healthcare administration will help you oversee the efficient operation of a medical facility. An associate's degree program can start you on your way. Learn what associate's degree programs are available, what classes may be...

Health Care Information Technology Associate Degree

Learn what positions you can get after graduating with a health care information technology associate degree and what to expect from an associate degree program. Find out how to apply and what additional education you can pursue.

Health Care Management Associate Degree

A health care management associate's degree program can start you on a management or administrative path by giving you the skills needed for entry-level jobs in medical offices. Keep reading to learn more about these degree programs, what topics...

Health Information Management Associate Degree

As a specialist in health information management, you'll play a part in seeing that patients receive the help they need. An associate's degree in health information management can provide you with an introduction to the field of health care. Read...

Health Information Technology Associate Degree

A health information associate's degree program can give you the skills you need to start your career in the healthcare industry. Learn what to expect from an associate's degree program, what classes you may take, how online programs work and...

Health Services Administration Associate Degree

Completing an associate's degree program in health services administration could lead to employment in the healthcare field. Find out about program options, course topics and career opportunities.

Health Unit Coordinating Associate Degree

Learn about your associate's degree options in health unit coordinating, and get information about classes offered in these programs. Find out class topics and employment outlook, along with certification options.

Healthcare Administration Associate Degree

A healthcare administration associate's degree program could give you the technical, medical and practical knowledge to work at nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities. Learn about course topics and job duties.

Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist Associate Degree

Healthcare reimbursement is a growing field that requires you to be good at organizing and retrieving information. You can earn an associate's degree and qualify for a job as a healthcare reimbursement specialist. Read on to learn how to get...

Healthcare Technology Associate's Degree

Find tips for choosing an associate's degree program in healthcare technology. Learn about career options, including salary information and employment outlook. Get info about online programs in this field.

Histotechnology Associate's Degree

As a histology technician, you take samples from a subject and prepare them properly so the pathologist can study them under a microscope and arrive at a correct diagnosis. Get overviews of the associate's degree programs that can prepare you for...

Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist Associate Degree

Learn what an insurance billing and coding specialist does on the job and places where these professionals might work. Get information about degree options in the field and certifications that are available.

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Associate Degree

As a cardiology technologist, you're involved with invasive cardiovascular procedures. You help physicians diagnose and treat diseases in the heart and blood vessels. You're responsible for preparing patients for various catheterization...

Laboratory Technology Associate's Degree

A laboratory technology associate degree will teach you to examine and perform various tests on body fluids and cells in order to detect the presence of microorganisms and cross match blood samples for transfusions. Read on to find out more about...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician (MRI) Associate's Degree

MRI technician education programs contain both classroom and hands-on clinical training in imaging equipment operation. Learn about accredited schools, degree requirements, certification exams and salary info for this field. Find out whether you...

Massage Science Associate's Degree

Learn about associate's degree programs in massage science or massage therapy. Get program overviews, areas of study and admission requirements, along with what areas of specialty may be offered.

Massage Therapy Associate's Degree

Massage therapy education programs explore massage techniques through scientific coursework and hands-on learning. Learn about schools, associate's degrees, course topics and professional licensing exams.

Medical Administration Associate Degree

If you possess organizational and administrative skills, you can become a medical records technician, medical secretary, medical transcriptionist or medical assistant through an associate's degree program. Keep reading to learn more about medical...

Medical Administrative Assistant Associate Degree

Find out what it takes to earn an associate's degree in medical administrative assisting. Learn the median salary and employment outlook for medical administrative assistants.

Medical Assistant Associate Degree Programs

With a medical assistant associate's degree, you can work in a hospital, physician's office, medical laboratory or other healthcare facility. Learn about courses, internships and program options in medical assisting.

Medical Assistant Sciences Associate Degree

Learn about associate's degrees in medical assisting, including online program options. Find job duties and salary and employment outlook information for medical assistants.

Medical Assistant Technology Associate Degree

Find tips for choosing online and campus-based medical assistant technology associate's degree programs. Discover the courses you'll take, and check employment projections in the field.

Medical Assisting Management Associate Degree

Review the typical curriculum for a medical assisting management associate degree program, and get info on what medical assistants do. Explore some classes you could take, and check the employment outlook for the medical assisting field.

Medical Billing Associate Degree Program

Medical billing specialists work on the administrative side of the healthcare industry and handle patient billing and insurance claims. Learn about associate's degree programs in medical billing and coding, and find out if these programs are...

Medical Coding Associate Degree Programs

If you are highly organized and enjoy administrative tasks, you may want to consider earning an associate's degree in medical coding. This degree program can qualify you to become a registered health information technician. Learn more about...

Medical Coding Associate's Degree

As a medical coder, you utilize your training to classify a patient's medical information and help determine the amount that insurance companies should reimburse health care providers. This also helps determine the dollar figure for patient...

Medical Coding Technology Associate Degree

Medical coding technology programs explore the healthcare industry and medical office administrative techniques. Find out about degree requirements, class topics, related salary info and professional certification for medical coders.

Medical Equipment Repair Associate Degree

Learn about associate's degree programs in biomedical engineering technology (BMET), a field that covers medical equipment repair. Get tips on how to find a school that offers this program, and review the typical curriculum. Read about...

Medical Executive Assistant Associate Degree

Find out about medical executive assistant associate degree programs and what you will learn in one. Learn whether you can earn this degree through an online program and what jobs you may be able to get after graduation.

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Associate Degree

A medical billing and coding associate's degree can qualify you for entry-level jobs at hospitals, doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities. Learn about degree programs, course topics and professional certification.

Medical Laboratory Technician Associate Degree

Medical laboratory technician associate degree programs train you to run blood tests and analyze bodily fluids. Continue reading to learn more about these programs, what courses you may take, whether the degree is available online and what jobs...

Medical Management Associate's Degree

Earning an associate's degree in the medical management field could help you become a medical office manager or administrator. Learn about degree programs available, the topics they cover and career outlook information. Get info about online...

Medical Office Administration Associate Degree

Find out what courses you'll take in a medical office administration associate degree program. Learn about entry-level career options and common job duties in the field.

Medical Office Associate's Degree

With the growing reliance on technology and the need for accurate record keeping, medical office professionals are employed to ensure the efficient organization and operation of a healthcare facility. Learn about medical office associate's degree...

Medical Office e-Ministration Associate Degree

As medical offices increasingly turn to computer-based record keeping, new workers need to know how to use computers and software that replace paper-based office systems. Learn more about the field of medical office e-ministration, what degree...

Medical Office Management Associate Degree

Discover the courses included in associate's degree programs in medical office management. Find employment outlook and salary information for medical office managers.

Medical Office Systems Management Associate Degree

Find out the types of associate's degrees that can prepare you for a career in medical systems office management. Learn about entry-level careers in the field.

Medical Office Technology Associate Degree

Learn about the kinds of medical office technology associate degree programs available and what topics they typically cover. Find out what programs are available online, and review the career outlook for this field.

Medical Radiography Associate's Degree

While a doctor doesn't have X-ray vision, they do have the services of a radiographer, also known as a radiologic or X-ray technician. These healthcare professionals perform diagnostic medical imaging procedures and administer radiation...

Medical Receptionist and Transcriptionist Associate Degree

Find out more about medical receptionist and transcriptionist associate degree programs and what courses may be included. Learn if you can earn this degree through an online program and what your job duties would be after getting hired.

Medical Records Technology Associate Degree

Learn how you can become a medical records technologist, and check the salary you might earn in this position. Find out the classes required to earn a medical records technology degree.

Medical Secretary Associate Degree

Learn the average salary and employment outlook for medical secretaries. Find out about associate's degree programs in medical administration, including online course and degree options.

Medical Secretary Associate Degree Programs

As a medical secretary, also known as a medical administrative assistant, you perform the facility's necessary administrative and clerical functions. Find out how to locate a medical secretary associate degree program, what to expect, what you...

Medical Transcription Associate's Degree

A medical transcriptionist listens to dictated recordings and transcribes them into medical reports, correspondence and other administrative materials. Learn about programs in this field and the coursework they contain. Get info about online...

Nursing Associate's Degree

An associate's degree program in nursing can give you the skills necessary to become a registered nurse (RN). Learn more about nursing associate's degree programs, RN job duties, degree program prerequisites and possible coursework.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate Degree

Occupational therapy assistants work with occupational therapists in creating and implementing rehabilitation plans for patients with illnesses, injuries or disabilities. Learn about associate's degree programs in occupational therapy assisting,...

Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology Associate Degree

Occupational therapists (OT) are specialists who help people overcome the effects of physical injuries, disabilities and developmental impairments. As an occupational therapy assistant (OTA), you help the OT improve a patient's ability to execute...

Pharmacy Technician Associate's Degree

A pharmacy technician processes and prepares prescriptions; he or she also assists with distributing medication to patients. Learn how to qualify for this position and get information about career outlook.

Physical Therapist Assistant Associate Degree

Physical therapist assistant programs explore human physiology, therapeutic techniques and injury rehabilitation. Learn about accredited schools, degree requirements, educational prerequisites and career and salary info.

Psychology Associate's Degree

Earning an associate's degree in psychology can give you an introductory knowledge of the human mind. You can prepare for an entry-level position in related fields or for continued study at the bachelor's degree level. Continue reading to learn...

Radiation Therapy Associate's Degree

Learn the employment outlook and average salary of radiation therapists. Find out the courses included in associate's degree programs in radiation therapy and requirements for professional certification.

Radiography Associate's Degree

Radiographers, or radiologic technologists, operate and maintain x-ray machines. Find out about associate's degree programs that train you to work in this field.

Radiologic Technology Associate's Degree

Learn about radiologic technology associate's degree programs and how they can prepare you for a career as a radiologic technologist or radiographer. Get career, program and curriculum descriptions. Explore voluntary certification options and the...

Registered Nurse Associate Degree

Whether you're a licensed nurse or just starting your career, you can earn an associate's degree to become a registered nurse. Read on to learn what classes are typically part of these degree programs.

Veterinary Technican Associate's Degree

Learn about veterinary technician associate's degree programs and what classes you may take. Find out about admissions requirements, job responsibilities and career outlook.

X-Ray Technician Associate's Degree

X-ray technician undergraduate programs contain both classroom and hands-on training in the use of imaging equipment. Find out about degree requirements and course topics, along with the employment outlook and potential earnings for technicians.

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