Bachelor's Degrees in Health Services

What Is a Bachelor's Degree in Health Services?

You can find bachelor's degrees in health service administration and health service management. Both of these programs prepare you to take entry-level positions in medical offices, such as hospitals, physicians' offices or nursing homes. They typically take about four years to complete, though some health service bachelor's degree programs are designed for students who have an associate's degree and want to continue their education. You can find some online degree completion programs as well.

What Will I Learn?

Bachelor's degree programs in health services offer you a general understanding of the medical and healthcare system. You learn how health organizations function as a business and as a service, and you learn to utilize management and administrative skills to oversee the operations of a facility. Health service bachelor's degree programs prepare you to evolve as the industry evolves, giving you a base understanding of healthcare issues, ethics and laws.

The courses you take in a bachelor's degree health services program cover business theories and practices, and specialized healthcare concepts. Accounting, economics, management, marketing and finance courses are required. Other courses cover the healthcare system, health promotion and quality improvement. You also learn about ambulatory and long-term care administration. Healthcare information systems and risk management are also discussed. Some programs allow you to take courses that give you a deeper understanding of specific areas related to health services, such as emergency services, human services or information systems.

What Kind of Job Can I Get?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a bachelor's degree in health services administration or management can get you entry-level jobs in larger medical facilities or positions in smaller medical offices ( Most healthcare administrators need a master's degree, but you can often continue your education while you work. The BLS reports that health services jobs should see strong growth from 2008-2018, and business management skills were predicted to be in demand.

If you're looking to start working before you finish your education, many healthcare facilities support employees' educational and career goals. Online programs in health services are available if you want to pursue your degree and continue personal or professional responsibilities.

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