10 New Year's Resolutions That All Students Should Make

With every new year comes the chance for a fresh start and a new way of doing things. We've listed ten different resolutions for you to consider in the new year.

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New Year's Resolutions for Students

When the new year is fast approaching, you might be considering what resolutions to make. The basics like lose ten pounds, get more A's in school and others could pop easily into your mind. But take a moment to consider other options that are important to you as a student. Having trouble thinking of some? Read on to find out more.

Avoid Overspending

Most students have a very limited budget to work with. Despite that, there are always new and interesting things to buy! Whether it's a nice dinner out, that cool new coat or the latest piece of tech gadgetry, it can be difficult to keep your wallet from becoming empty. Well, now is the time to promise to start saving your money. When you go out, only take a limited amount of cash with you; that way, you will have a set budget. Don't go to stores you know will tempt you with cool stuff, and don't go sale hunting. While the clothes may be cheaper, you're more likely to buy a lot and end up losing money by the end of it.

Exercise More

Sitting at a desk studying for hours on end can leave a student with little time to be active. Because of that, maybe you've gained an extra pound or two, or maybe are gaining some flab in unsightly places. This new year, make a pledge to find the time to exercise. Set aside a very small portion of time every day, even just twenty minutes, to get your heart rate up and your muscles working. Go for a jog around campus, go lift weights and do some pull ups, or even sign up for an exercise-related school course. Your health and your figure will thank you.

Eat Healthier

While cafeteria food often has many healthy options, that slice of pizza is just so tempting. Outside of the cafeteria, you also probably don't eat as well as you could. Pizza, Chinese food, canned pasta and many more food perils face you whenever you enter a grocery store. This next year, walk past those aisles and grab a salad from the cafeteria instead of a bowl of ice cream. Eating healthier can mean a healthier school year, a slimmer body, a better energy level and many other positives.

Study Smarter

Sure, you study a lot, but are you studying smart? Maybe you're studying with distractions around, studying right before lunch or only studying directly before a test. This semester, take the time to find a space where you can focus. There should be no distractions, you shouldn't have to worry about having food or a test in a few hours, and you should have all the materials you need. Make this a regular habit, and you'll find yourself less stressed and better prepared for classes and tests.

Make a New Friend

Some people have no trouble making friends in college, while others find it very difficult. Whichever side of that dynamic you come from, branch out this new year and make some friends outside of your regular circle. They could be from college or maybe from that coffee shop down the way. They could be in a class with you or maybe in that new school play. Approach someone and introduce yourself, try to be friendly. You'll be surprised at the types of people you might get to know and how they can add new facets to your life.

Say 'Thank You' More Often

With such a busy college life, it can be easy sometimes to forget who helped you get there. From your parents to that hardworking janitor who keeps your bathroom spotless, everyone likes to hear a 'thank you' now and again. Take the time to let people know you appreciate them. Call up mom and dad and thank them for all they do for you. Remind your friends that you care about them and are thankful for their friendship. Leave a nice note and a gift card for your janitor. Even if it's just something little like these examples, your kindness will be appreciated.

Communicate Better

Communication is vital to so many college relationships. From your closest friend to your professors, having a good line of dialogue is often the key to keeping your dynamic healthy. This year, try to keep in touch with friends and family better. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them about it rather than letting it fester. When you're not sure about an assignment or feel like you need help with a particular lesson, contact your professor and find out what kind of help is available. Your relationships will be stronger, and your academic career may be easier to keep control of.

Learn to Cook

Sorry to break it to you, but making ramen with an egg cracked into it hardly counts as cooking. This new year, make the pledge to learn how to truly cook. Sign up for a class or just pick up a few cooking books to try recipes from. You'll find it rewarding to make your own meals, not to mention tasty, and you may be able to eat healthier and cheaper as well. You may even end up with friends asking you to cook for them or pass along some new recipes.

Prepare for Life After College

Besides figuring out what kind of job you want after college, there are other ways to prepare. Whether you're a senior or a freshman, now is the time to start planning. Open a savings account if you don't have one, or get a credit card and start building a credit score. Learn about how to budget your money and look into apartment prices in areas in which you'd like to live. Even though many of these are little steps, they will pay off in the long run, making your future more financially secure and less stressful when it finally arrives.

Make Time for Mental Health

With all these new things to do this next year, it can seem like your schedule is full to bursting. However, there's one more thing you absolutely should make time for. Set aside a little time on the weekend or every day if you can manage it for your own personal mental health. Whether it's video games, yoga, hanging out with friends or something else, a little time spent decompressing can keep your stress levels low and stave off depression. People may tell you that those frivolous activities are not necessary, but they truly are. Your body, grades, relationships and finances are all very important, but if your mental health isn't in a good place then all the rest of those things are going to suffer. So make the time.

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