5 Reasons Not to Move Home After College

You've experienced some fun and independence at college, but now it's time to graduate and move on. Living at home again with your parents can be challenging, and this blog provides some of the top reasons why you shouldn't.

The Disadvantages of Living With Your Parents Again After College

Free rent, free food and more time to figure out what to do with your life aren't such bad things. The perks of moving home can sound pretty darn good sometimes. But what are you giving up? Going back to your parents may be comfortable but it holds you back in ways you might never foresee.

You Lose Privacy

It's nice to have parents that are always there for you if you live at home, but there's one problem. They really are always there. Maybe in high school it wasn't so big a deal that your only privacy was your room, and even that wasn't so private. But after being away at college you're suddenly going to notice how often they're underfoot. They're always asking questions about your personal life and are always there so you never get any alone time. And forget trying to have friends over for parties or a significant other over for the night. Your family is a great resource for advice and comfort, but let's face it: they're hardly party animals.

You Don't Make the Rules

You've probably heard in high school that while you live under your parents' roof, you're going to follow their rules. By going back home you're going right back to that. Maybe you had a few rules for your dorm room, like no spilling anything on the floor and no putting your feet on the bed. Mom's rules are going to be much more strict than that, and readjusting to following her code of conduct is going to be tough. You might even go back to having a curfew! Don't try to argue about your parents' rules either, because they're letting you live with them for cheap or even free. Living on your own means that you make your own rules, so you never have to worry about breaking them.

You Don't Learn to Be Independent

Learning how to manage your finances and life is something you experience a little bit in college. But after graduation, there's still so much more to learn. Paying rent, making your own meals and making your own schedule are only a few of the keys to life that you'll develop when living alone. If you move back in with your parents, then you don't have to do any of those things, which can keep you from learning how before you really need it. Not having to deal with getting a job right after college sounds nice, but it also means that you aren't making any money and learning how to exist as an independent adult.

You Don't Get a Clean Slate

Moving away from your old stomping ground means that you are starting a whole new life. New area, new job, new friends and a whole new you. You can become whoever you want to be. If you go back home, you're going right back to how things were during senior year of high school. Your friends that are there are all from high school. Your living situation and rule set are both back to high school situations as well. People know your face and have a whole set of memories attached to their previous image of you. In short, your past is right there with you at home. Moving away means you can erase all that and start anew.

You Can 'Get Stuck'

Sometimes our comfort zones can be difficult places to leave. Home is warm, comfortable and inexpensive. You don't have to rush into getting a job or figuring out real life. It all sounds wonderful, so why would you ever want that to change? That's exactly the problem. It can become all too easy to remain stagnant and not move forward with your life. Suddenly a few months at home turn into a few years, and then you're in your mid twenties and don't know how to cook for yourself or manage your own money. By striking out on your own right away, you force yourself to learn and adapt to a new environment and really start living your life. You don't get to be comfortable, and sometimes that's the best thing for self-growth.

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