Advertising and Public Relations Master's Degree

An advertising and public relations master's degree might be required to advance in your career as an executive. Coursework exposes students to problem-solving methods and communication methods in a number of areas, including written and visual communication. Schools offering Public Relations degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is an Advertising and Public Relations Master's Degree?

Advertising and public relations master's degree programs typically award a Master of Arts upon completion, and give you the theoretical and analytical resources to work as a professional in the industry. There are also master's degree programs that focus solely on public relations or advertising, giving you a more specific background. Research-based programs and professional training programs are available, and you can often choose between programs that require a thesis and those that do not.

While you have the option of continuing your education immediately after graduation, you can also gain some work experience before going back to school. All of these options allow you to choose a program that fits your career goals.

Degree Options Master's degree programs
Common CoursesWriting and communication, media campaign development, visual communication, management
Career Options Executive in advertising or public relations firm, educator, researcher

What Will My Courses Be Like?

Depending on the type of advertising and public relations master's degree program you choose, your coursework could focus more on research and analysis in the industry or on professional practices. Research-oriented courses discuss quantitative and qualitative methodology, and you learn how to apply these methods to problem-solving. You also gain an understanding of communication theories and how they apply to advertising and public relations.

Professional practice coursework typically covers such topics as writing and communication, media campaign development, visual communication and management. Some coursework focuses on case studies of successful advertising and public relations campaigns, giving you insight into creative processes such as copywriting and art direction. New media and digital communications are also discussed.

How Will the Degree Impact My Career?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you might need a master's degree in advertising and public relations if you want to become an account executive or account manager ( You could become an executive in a public relations or advertising firm, or you could go on to earn a doctoral degree and become an educator or researcher. The BLS also reported that jobs in advertising and public relations are competitive, and that experience is important to advance in your career.

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