Applied Management Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Students enrolled in applied management programs learn the basics of business and leadership through business-intensive courses. Learn more about the requirements of applied management programs, career options for graduates and earning potential. Schools offering Business degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is Applied Management?

Applied management is a field of study that examines the ways in which management skills are used in a variety of businesses. This field is often pursued by those in technical fields who already have the necessary hands-on skills. If your background is in health care, hospitality, retail, business, or a number of other areas, studying applied management can help you to advance your career to administrative roles.

What Will I Learn in an Applied Management program?

A degree in applied management will prepare you for a leadership position with many different businesses. You will develop accounting, economic and business skills that allow you to make decisions, work with numerous employees and understand technologies common to many work environments.

Some of the business subjects you may come across during your studies include accounting, business law, organizational behavior, microeconomics, managerial finance, communications and marketing. Other management courses that will aid in the business field are business forensics, information technology, financial planning, global markets, strategic planning and international business.

What Jobs Can I Apply For?

With an applied management degree you can apply for many different jobs. You could pursue a position as a manager, cost estimator or trainer, to name a few. You can also consider careers in property management, health care management, food service management and hospitality management. Many employers in these career fields accept bachelor's degrees for entry-level positions.

How Much Can I Earn?

Depending on what area of work you decide upon, your salary will vary. This also varies depending on the industry you choose to go into as well. The following chart is a list of different occupations and their average yearly salaries as of May 2009. This data reflects info from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

Financial Manager $113,730
Property Manager $58,660
Hospitality Manager $53,500
Food Service Manager $51,400
Cost Estimator $61,190
Administrative Manager $81,530

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