Applied Science (BAS) Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a 4-year degree for those seeking entry or advancement into more technical careers. In this article, you will find characteristics of BAS programs, including common admission requirements, areas of study and distance learning options.

What Is an Applied Science (BAS) Bachelor's Degree Program?

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree is a degree meant for someone who has already completed an associate's degree program in applied science and is looking to move into management or advance his or her career. While this degree teaches very fundamental and key business skills, it specializes in mathematics and science principles, which gives it a more technical focus than other business degrees. With this degree, you are better prepared to move into management careers within a company and are able to use science and math for business purposes

Programs may have additional requirements beyond admission to the university. For example, you may need college-level credits in certain math and science courses to qualify. You may also find programs offered under several different schools, including business or technology. Check with your desired university for specific information.

Prerequisites Associate's degree in applied science; some programs may require certain math and science prerequisites
Skills LearnedBusiness ethics, supervision, employee management, business writing, leadership
Program FormatFully online options are available as degree completion programs

What Can I Expect?

This degree requires you to pass a number of courses that teach you technical and business skills with additional courses in math and science. After graduating with this degree, you will have the skills to lead other employees and move into management. The skills sought after for these kinds of positions include leadership, business ethics, supervision, employee management, critical thinking, business writing and human resources.

What are the Online Options?

You may find programs that offer this degree online as degree completion programs. Degree completion programs are designed for those who have already completed an associate's degree or a certain number of college credits. You should be able to complete all of your classes through your university's online learning interface.

In order to complete an online program, you will need to meet certain technical requirements. While the specific software programs will vary by school, you will generally need to have at least a computer with Internet access and an updated operating system.

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