Online Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy

Review your options for earning an online bachelor's degree related to public policy. Explore the classes you could take as a student, and find out how online programs work. Get info on jobs you could pursue after earning a bachelor's degree in a public policy field. Schools offering Public Administration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Is an Online Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy?

An online bachelor's program in public policy incorporates social, economic and political components of government decision making. There are online bachelor's programs in public policy, and there are online public policy programs that combine public policy with public administration or social services. There are also online bachelor's programs in public management and public administration. These programs are very similar to public policy programs.

Many online bachelor's programs in public policy are degree-completion programs, which allow you to earn a bachelor's degree online if you already have some college credits. If you haven't earned any college credits, there are online programs that allow you to enroll with a minimum of three years of work experience.

What Classes Will I Take?

Your curriculum may include courses in ethics, communication techniques, business, legal issues, politics, resource development and management, financial planning and public relations. You may be able to specialize in a focus area, such as public health, pre-law or international affairs.

Since bachelor's degree programs in public policy are multidisciplinary, you may have some flexibility in the courses you take. Many of your classes aim to develop skills important to a career in public policy, like oral and written communications and critical thinking skills.

How Do Online Programs Work?

Online programs typically include the same coursework and requirements as traditional, campus-based programs. Some online programs offer an accelerated option, which allows you to complete your degree program faster than normal. These programs may have rolling enrollment.

What Could I Do With This Degree?

The career you pursue may depend on your degree specialization. You could work as an entry-level political scientist, policy analyst, social scientist, lobbyist or public relations representative. You may choose to further your studies in law or social science.

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