Classical Studies Degrees

Learn about the field of classical studies, undergraduate and graduate degree programs and the topics you'll typically study. See what your career options are after graduation. Schools offering Middle Eastern History degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Degrees Are Available in Classical Studies?

If you want to earn a degree in classical studies, you could first pursue a bachelor's degree in the field. This is a 4-year course of study that could help you prepare for education at the graduate level. This program is not usually available in distance-learning formats, but it is widely available on traditional college campuses from a number of accredited colleges and universities.

You can also find many graduate programs in classical studies at the master's and doctoral degree levels. Additionally, you might be able to earn a bachelor's and master's degree through 5-year programs, though these aren't common.

Degree Levels Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are available
Common Courses Mythology, philosophy, religion, Latin grammar, literature
Possible Careers Teacher, professor, field researcher, museum worker

What Could I Learn?

Bachelor's degree programs in classical studies are typically interdisciplinary, combining classes from fields including religion, philosophy and classical languages. For example, you could learn about Greek and Roman mythology, Latin grammar or the philosophy of Aristotle. Other areas of study could include ancient Mediterranean history, mythology and classical literature. Coursework in graduate programs differs from undergraduate coursework in that it focuses on very specific research; for this reason, classes might include research methodology training. In Ph.D. programs, the last few years are spent working on a dissertation, which is a book-length work of original thesis. The following are examples of classes you might be able to take:

  • Heroes and classical epics
  • Classical tragedies
  • Greek history
  • Late antiquity
  • Classical rhetoric
  • Latin
  • Roman law

What Could I Do With This Degree?

An undergraduate degree in classical studies is not pre-professional, so it does not prepare you for a specific career; however, careers in museums or field research could be good fits for classical studies graduates. Another option could be to teach. A master's degree in classical studies would qualify you to teach at the elementary, middle or secondary levels as long as you fulfill requirements for a teaching license, which is required in all states. A doctoral degree could make you eligible for postsecondary teaching positions. You don't need a license to get postsecondary teaching positions, but many institutions prefer candidates with research or teaching experience, and 2-year colleges may prefer candidates with experience teaching online courses.

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