Clay Animation Courses

Find out where to take clay animation courses, what these classes teach and how stop-motion animation skills can enhance a filmmaking career. Discover online resources for learning clay animation. Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Where Can I Take Clay Animation Courses?

Clay animation courses are typically offered through visual arts colleges, film schools and universities that have an animation degree program. You might find some stop-motion filmmaking courses that include clay animation within the syllabus. If you're a teacher, you can participate in workshops offered through some universities that instruct you on how to teach clay animation as a teaching aid.

What Will I Learn?

Clay and stop-motion animation courses teach you how to design and sculpt characters, props and scenery out of pliable material, such as clay or Plasticine. Clay animation incorporates elements of filmmaking and storytelling, such as screenwriting, lighting, camerawork and editing. Depending on the program you enroll in, you might also learn how to integrate claymation and digital animation using industry software.

The goal of many clay animation courses is to complete a short, stop-action film. In specialized classes, such as those geared toward teachers using clay animation as a teaching aid, you'll also learn how to incorporate claymation into your lesson plans and how to instruct students in the art of clay animation.

What Can I Do With My Skills?

If you plan to pursue a career in film production or animation, claymation courses enhance your storytelling and technical skills and strengthen your portfolio. Clay animation is used in television, advertising and film to create cartoon characters, commercials and feature films, such as Chicken Run and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you're a teacher, clay animation courses give you an innovative way to help your students build creative, technical and teamwork skills by involving them in the production of claymation short films. Your students research topics, write scripts, sculpt and use technical equipment, such as digital cameras, computers and movie making software, to produce short films that can be used for history, English, social studies and science projects.

Can I Learn Online?

Online clay animation courses for college credit are rare; however, online tutorials and clay animation lesson plans are available through educational organizations, teacher resource websites and a few universities. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in animation might offer a combination of online and on-campus courses, including those in stop-motion animation.

To view tutorials or participate in online learning, you'll need a computer with high-speed Internet access, as well as a movie viewing application, such as Apple's QuickTime. Animation courses often have additional software requirements specific to each course that might be provided by the school or available for trial download.

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