Computer Office Assistant Technology Associate Degree

If you want to develop your skills as a potential office assistant, you can begin with an associate's degree in computer office assistant technology. This article looks at the kinds of business and management courses you can expect in an associate's program, as well as the types of offices where you might find employment. Schools offering Information Processing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Does a Computer Office Assistant Technology Associate's Degree Program Entail?

If you are having difficulty finding computer office assistant technology programs, an office technology program can provide the same training. These programs can teach you about the inner workings of a technology-dependent office environment. You may learn about common computerized tasks that streamline office work. These programs also train you to become an advanced user of standard office software applications.

Upon completion of this degree program, you may have an advanced understanding of spreadsheets, word processing and computerized accounting programs. By the time you graduate, you may become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access.

Software LearnedMicrosoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook
Course OfferingsComputer skills, business principles, presentation graphics, accounting procedures, business law
Program RequirementsIn-person training, such as an internship or lab classes, may be required
Career OpportunitiesOffice clerk, information clerk, secretary, administrative assistant

What Courses Can I Expect?

Along with general education courses required by all associate's degree programs, you may also complete courses covering administrative office procedures, business law, keyboarding, desktop publishing, information processing software, office management and human resources. Additional required courses include essential computer skills, business communications, business principles, management skills, presentation graphics, accounting procedures and information system design. You may also find recommended courses that can train you in business image processing, e-commerce and QuickBooks software.

Since several programs require you to demonstrate your skills in simulated office environments, you may only be able to find programs offering theory courses through distance education. Hands-on training is also required so you can build communication, public speaking and presentation skills. To further develop hands-on training, some programs also provide additional opportunities through internships, cooperative education and laboratory courses.

What Can I Do With My Education?

A computer office assistant technology associate's degree can prepare you for a career as a data entry clerk, office clerk or information clerk. Depending on the type of courses you decide to complete, you may be able to find jobs in a legal or medical administrative office. These programs can also provide enough training for administrative assistant, secretary or lower-level management positions.

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