Computer System Support Associate Degree

Learn how to repair computers and maintain network systems through a computer system support associate's degree program. See about online learning availability and career options. Schools offering Computer Support Technician degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Does a Computer System Support Associate's Degree Program Entail?

You will most likely find these programs titled as computer support specialist programs. In these degree programs, you may be instructed in installing, maintaining and providing support for computer systems and networks. You may also learn how these technologies work, troubleshoot them when something goes wrong and train others to use them.

While pursuing your degree, you may develop skills in fields related to hardware, software, website creation and computer development. After you graduate from your program, you may qualify for a career as a help desk coordinator, computer support specialist, PC technician, software trainer, help desk technician or computer applications specialist. If you are interested in advancing your career or proving your knowledge, you may want to earn the HDI Customer Support Representative, Microsoft Office Specialist and HDI Desktop Support Technician certification designations.

Possible Careers Help desk coordinator, computer support specialist, PC technician, software trainer, computer applications specialist
Common Courses Server implementation, computer maintenance, server support, program design, information security
Online Availability Programs not commonly available online

What Courses Can I Expect?

Your program may cover core courses in computer maintenance, server implementation, networking technology, computer troubleshooting, computer integration, server support and program design. You can also expect your program to include topics in information security, computer logic, website design and service skills. Prior to earning your degree, you may be required to pass general education courses covering behavioral sciences, communications, mathematics, natural sciences, fine arts, English composition and humanities.

Can I Complete My Program Online?

Since you can only learn in this field effectively through hands-on training, there aren't any schools that offer distance education programs. Your program may require you to complete hands-on training with various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux. You may also learn how to establish computer and network security, work with Cisco networking code and develop computer service skills. If you wish to further develop hands-on skills, some programs offer project management courses and internship opportunities.

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