Computer Typing Classes

Even if you know your way around a QWERTY keyboard, computer typing classes can help you become a faster, more accurate typist and learn new skills. Keep reading to find the right class for you and how you can complete training online. Schools offering Microsoft Office degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Types of Computer Typing Classes Are Available?

Beginning computer typing classes cover everything from proper hand placement and touch-typing techniques to keyboard layout and how to use a mouse. You'll also learn the function of each alphabetic and numeric key, how to use symbol keys and when to use the tab, caps and shift keys.

As you become more experienced, intermediate computer typing classes can help you improve your typing speed, manage difficult keystrokes and create, edit and save documents using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Advanced computer typing classes can help you master specialized skills, including 10-key touch, transcription and document management.

Where Can I Enroll in a Class?

Computer typing classes are taught in classroom settings and online. Sometimes referred to as keyboarding classes, instruction is offered through community colleges, career colleges and computer training centers. Though you may enroll in a single computer typing class, keyboarding courses may also be offered as part of a larger certificate program in office skills. Many public libraries also offer classes free of charge, which may include instruction in computer and Internet basics, e-mail and how to use various word processing programs.

What Can I Expect?

Classes consist of lectures, hands-on typing drills and timed typing tests. If you attend class in person, you'll generally have access to a computer that you may use during class. Many facilities also provide labs with computers where you can complete homework assignments and practice typing drills. Lab time is often a requirement of computer typing classes.

A typical goal for a beginning class is that you'll be able to achieve a minimum typing speed of 30-35 words per minute by the end of class. Your final grade will most likely be based on a combination of your typing speed and accuracy. Schools and training centers often award a certificate upon completion of the class. The certificate displays your typing speed.

How Do Online Classes Work?

You'll need access to a computer with Internet access, an e-mail account and a word processing program. You may also be required to buy and install keyboarding software, such as Keyboarding Pro or Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing, in addition to a textbook. If you're taking your class through a community college, you may also have access to the school's computer labs on campus.

Basic computer proficiency is required to take computer typing classes online so that you may communicate with instructors, complete assignments and take timed typing tests via the Internet. You must also be able to attach documents to e-mails, download assignments and open and revise documents.

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