Online Degree Programs in Copywriting

There are no degrees available in copywriting by itself. Rather, courses in this subject are found as part of majors such as advertising or journalism. Online programs are available for these degrees or occasionally for a standalone copywriting course. Learn more about online certificate and degree programs related to copywriting, and find out what course topics you'd study. Schools offering English Reading & Writing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

How is Copywriting Different from Other Types of Writing?

The narrowest definition of copywriting is a form of writing done for the purpose of persuading a potential customer, presenting a convincing idea or inspiring an action or a sale. It can apply to advertising campaigns, marketing projects, direct mail or other outlets. The Internet has added new dimensions to this field, such as writing for search results and crafting language for websites and other digital formats.

Where Can I Find Online Copywriting Training?

Degree programs that include advertising classes are typically found in the journalism or communications departments at colleges and universities, but there is also some overlap with the study of marketing, public relations or digital media marketing. Copywriting is a tool that may be part of advertising, which is the vehicle for getting the word out. Marketing refers to the whole process: conceiving of an idea or product, then pricing, promoting and delivering it into the customer's hands.

Certificates and associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in advertising are all possible. To learn copywriting skills, you'll want look at undergraduate degrees because graduate-level programs will expect incoming students to have already mastered this style of writing. Graduate degree programs in advertising will delve into strategies and the nuances of writing for specific audiences.

You may also find online copywriting courses that are designed to help you develop this ability without leading to a degree. Look for continuing education or professional development programs that offer specific copywriting classes or teach copywriting skills as part of marketing or related courses.

Like other online educational offerings, advertising degree programs and professional development courses on copywriting are presented via the Internet. Typical methods for distance learning include videotaped or live lectures, discussion boards, e-mail, reading assignments and online teacher feedback.

What Will I Learn in These Classes?

Like most skills, copywriting will begin with a course that teaches the fundamentals, including the writing techniques that trigger the desired reaction in your target audience. You'll learn to write different elements - such as headlines, taglines and body copy - and to fit those pieces into the whole creative concept using tools such as storyboarding or concept sketches.

A more advanced copywriting course will likely cover the ways to apply copywriting in a strategy for print and electronic media. You'll learn to research the target market, write compelling copy for that market and meld a verbal or written message with a visual design. The course will brief you on how to work with art directors and other members of a creative team to develop the 'whole package'.

Copywriting for the Internet might be offered as a separate course in some online programs, focusing on finding the right outlet and media for a specific situation. You may learn search engine optimization techniques and ways to get your message out digitally to make the sale or elicit the desired response.

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