Digital Media Production Bachelor's Degree

The term 'digital media' refers to a number of areas within the media field: movies are filmed digitally these days, and radio stations broadcast in a digital format as well. Find out what you'd learn in a bachelor's degree program in digital media production, and check the typical curriculum. Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is a Digital Media Production Bachelor's Degree Program?

Digital media is used in music, television, radio and movies. For those who are looking to enter the exciting and growing new world of digital media, earning a digital media production bachelor's degree will go a long way toward making one employable in this growing field. A digital media production bachelor's degree program will touch on all of those aspects and prepare you to use digital technology in your career endeavors.

In a degree program, you may learn how to use the newest software and design concepts to create designs for media corporations. Digital media may be used in creative processes, non-fiction pieces, advertising and more. Degree programs may introduce all these forms of digital expression. Since digital media is making film production more cost effective, you may find more independent outlets offering employment options. Because of the hands-on requirements, fully online programs in the field are rare.

Online Availability Online programs are rare
Coursework Video production and editing, writing for film and media, Creative writing, directing for film, multimedia design, digital media in music, communication theory and law, camera operation
Skills TaughtDigital media production, media writing, web design, digital image processing, marketing, media law, market research

What Courses Could I Expect to Take?

The classes required to earn a digital media production bachelor's degree will teach you how to use this new media. Some of the classes you may need to complete include:

  • Video production and editing
  • Writing for film and media
  • Creative writing
  • Directing for film
  • Multimedia design
  • Digital media in music
  • Communication theory and law
  • Camera operation

What Skills Could This Program Teach Me?

The digital media production bachelor's degree teaches the skills needed to produce digital media for marketing and entertainment purposes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with digital skills, especially in film and graphic design, have a more favorable employment outlook. Some of the skills acquired with this degree are as follows:

  • Digital media production
  • Media writing
  • Web design
  • Digital image processing
  • Marketing
  • Media law
  • Market research

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