Where Can I Find Free Online Cake Decorating Classes?

You can find free online cake decorating classes through postsecondary schools and private companies. Keep reading to find out what topics might be covered in these noncredit courses. Schools offering Baking & Pastry degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Cake decorating is a balance of artistic expression and fundamental baking skills. Several websites offer free tutorials and guides with step-by-step instructions and photos that allow you to build a cake from the plate up and decorate it to your heart's content. You might need a PDF reader to access course materials. Also, to practice the techniques taught in these courses, you'll need baking and decorating supplies.

1. Cake Decorating 1 from Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

This guide is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file for teens, but you will find it useful if you're a novice with cake decorating. It includes basic text and photo instructions in cake decorating.

What Topics Are Included?

This tutorial includes an icing recipe along with instructions for cake preparation and basic decorating techniques. Helpful tips are included, such as tricks for smoothing out frosting or changing the size of a star pattern.

What Materials Will I Need?

Lists are provided for the ingredients you need to make the frosting and the supplies required for various decorating techniques. Aside from cake and frosting, you will need supplies such as star and writing tips, decorating bags and couplers. Basic decorating supplies are described in the tutorial to help you find exactly what you need.

How Will These Materials Help Me?

You will learn to crumb, seal and frost a cake to prepare it for decorating. The tutorial shows you how to create several icing patterns and effects - including zigzags, stars and rosettes - using a decorating bag and various star and writing tips. You will also learn how to copy an image onto your cake.

2. Online Baking Classes from King Arthur Flour Company, Inc.

This online course is a series of PDF files. Photo demonstrations accompany step-by-step instructions.

What Topics Are Included?

The website offers eight baking classes, including a 3-part series in cake decoration that provides recipes for frosting and ganache. The decoration class combines step-by-step instructions, a list of required ingredients and photos of the techniques.

What Materials Will I Need?

The course lists the materials required to complete the project. This includes wet and dry ingredients for recipes plus the equipment needed, such as a stand mixer or candy thermometer. A cake recipe is not included in the 3-part decorating course, but cake recipes may appear elsewhere on the website. To access the tutorial, you'll need a program on your computer capable of displaying PDF files.

How Will These Materials Help Me?

The photo-guided instructions illustrate four different cake decoration styles. Each involves separate techniques for the cake's top and sides that you could mix and match, such as a topping of chocolate shavings or a frosted basket-weave effect. The materials may expose you to new recipes while guiding you with hands-on practice in several aspects of cake decorating. These materials can also instruct you on using kitchen implements and machines.

3. Cake and Dessert Decorating Basics from Wilton Industries

These step-by-step instructions and recipes are offered as a series of Web pages. Several sections also have video demonstrations available.

What Topics Are Included?

The materials are divided into five categories, each with four or more chapters for specific techniques or aspects of cake decorating. The sections include tips on working with icing, decorating bags and cake preparation. You can learn to make frosting roses, vines and piped borders of ruffles or shells. Tips for working with buttercream frosting and fondant are divided into individual categories, allowing you to quickly access the cake decorating styles you need.

What Materials Will I Need?

Each set of instructions has a list of materials required, which differ depending on the technique. Decorating bags and a set of decorating tips are common requirements. Recipes for buttercream frosting and fondants are included so you can acquire the necessary ingredients. To access the instructional videos, you will need a media player on your computer.

How Will These Materials Help Me?

You'll find icing recipes and tips for tinting the icing to your preferred color. The website supplies detailed instructions on a wide range of cake decorating techniques, from your first layer of frosting to the most delicate details. You can practice these skills while comparing your results to the accompanying photographs to determine what techniques need improvement. You also learn how to alter recipes in order to change the consistency of icing.

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