Where Can I Find Free Online Computer Engineering Courses?

You don't have to pursue a career in information technology to study computer engineering. Increasing your knowledge of this field can help you understand the design and function of your own PC. Use the free online courses discussed here to learn more about computer engineering. Schools offering Computer Engineering degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Accredited universities offer free, non-credit computer engineering courses online. To help you fully understand the concepts presented, courses may include video lectures, lecture notes, readings, assignments, projects and exams. Your course may focus on topics such as software engineering, hardware engineering or programming languages.

1. Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This course is now available in an OpenCouseWare (OCW) format; it was originally offered to MIT undergraduates on campus. You can take the course online for free, but you won't receive credit.

What Will I Learn?

You'll explore computer and software design applications for engineering, management and science. You might study programming and numerical methods, graphical user interfaces and data structures.

What Assignments Can I Complete?

Assignments include ten problem sets with solutions. Quizzes and final exams from five different semesters are included with solutions as well. You can complete reading assignments in course textbooks if you choose. These textbooks may be purchased via Amazon.com.

What Materials Are Provided?

You can access a syllabus, tutorial exercises, lecture notes, a course overview and an introduction to the Java programming language. You'll need to install Adobe Acrobat in order to view some files.

2. Computer System Engineering at MIT

This is another free OCW course offered in a non-credit format. Two professors originally taught this undergraduate class at MIT.

What Will I Learn?

You'll study computer software and hardware engineering concepts related to client and server design, system reliability and computer memory. The course covers the influence of computers on society.

What Assignments Are Included?

You might decide to complete two computer system design projects. Six assignments that involve using a computer to solve system engineering problems are also discussed. Instructions for two optional written assignments are provided.

Can I Use Any Course Materials?

You can access lecture notes and accompanying slides, videos of most lectures and Part II of the course textbook. Quizzes from the 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 versions of this course are available; solutions are included.

3. Computer Language Engineering at MIT

Another course available for free through MIT's OCW system, Computer Language Engineering was originally taught to undergraduates by two professors. This is a non-credit course.

What Will I Learn?

You could learn to troubleshoot problems involved with implementing advanced programming languages. The course covers topics such as the structure and function of compilers, software building tools and program optimization.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

Three practice quizzes without solutions are available. The course provides instructions for five projects involving the design and implementation of a computer program called a compiler.

What Materials Are Provided?

Lecture notes are available in PDF format; a software application like Adobe Acrobat is required in order to view these files. Audio and video presentations of some lectures are available as well. You can also access a list of websites that are relevant to course topics.

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