Where Can I Find Free Online Pathology Courses?

Several accredited colleges and universities offer free online pathology courses. You can complete these noncredit courses at a pace that's comfortable for you. Schools offering Anatomy & Physiology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Pathology covers a wide range of medical topics, and understanding the different areas of specialization can seem like a daunting task to new learners. Fortunately, many postsecondary schools offer free online courses, tutorials and reference materials. You might need a PDF reader and media player to access some materials, which generally include lecture notes and/or videos and slides. Though not required, a textbook could prove beneficial with some courses.

1. Basic Human Pathology: Parts I and II at Tufts University

This OpenCourseWare (OCW) content from Tufts University combines information from pathology courses by way of slides in Portable Document Format (PDF) and image files. The material is categorized as second-year level.

What Topics Are Included?

This OCW material includes 25 lectures, complete with slides, on a variety of pathology topics. Both general and systemic topics are covered, and body-stems content is included in individual lectures. Definitions of pathology topics and recommended reading material are included on the syllabus page.

What Materials Will I Need?

In order to fully utilize this OCW course you will need the ability to access and view PDF files. The images on the website don't require special software or media. Access to one textbook is required for the course, with additional optional recommendations and references.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

Five examinations, including a final exam, are included in the course lectures. Information about these evaluation procedures is available on the syllabus Web page.

2. Basic Medical Pathology Series at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

This series of pathology modules combines lecture videos and multiple-choice questionnaires, allowing you to self-test while studying the material. Links to additional resources are also included in each section.

What Topics Are Included?

The material is divided into 11 lessons, which cover a wide range of medical topics. Cell injury and accumulations, necrosis, chronic inflammation and thrombosis are just some of the specific areas covered in the series. Lecture videos are included in each module to further assist in topic comprehension and review.

What Materials Will I Need?

You will need a media player to access the lecture videos in each section, and a download link to a free media player is available on the website. The modules include images and multiple choice questions, so a browser capable of displaying pictures which allows pop-up windows is required.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

The eleven sections include both a pre-test and a post-test, each featuring ten questions. The pre-test will give you a score based on your correct answers, but will not tell you why a choice was incorrect. However, you will receive feedback and further information for incorrect answers after the post-test.

3. General Pathology Images at the Mercer University School of Medicine

Part of a collection of pathology and anatomy materials, the general pathology image collection and accompanying examinations are available on a series of Web pages.

What Topics Are Included?

The general pathology collection of images is categorized into nine sections, including infection and inflammation, placenta pathology and cell injury. Each collection has anywhere from 46-87 separate images. The website also offers additional sections with resources in systemic pathology, a history of anatomy, and more.

What Materials Will I Need?

Access to the Internet and a browser capable of displaying images is required to review the images. You may find that having a pathology textbook with detailed information about the topics included in these materials is helpful, especially if you are just beginning a pathology education.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

The website offers both a general pathology and organ system pathology multiple-choice exam, in addition to image quizzes and a timed general review. Correct answers are provided, so you don't have to check your work by reviewing the material.

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