Where Can I Find Free Online Reflexology Courses?

We all experience aches and pains and negative emotions from time to time. If you've been considering reflexology treatments as a way to alleviate pain or achieve an overall sense of well-being, check out the free, online course discussed here. Schools offering Massage Therapy degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that uses touch therapy to balance the body's energy. This non-invasive practice targets your hands, feet and ears to help heal your body. Though rare, you may be able to find free online reflexology courses through accredited universities. You'll learn about how reflexology works and what conditions it can or cannot help. Quizzes will help reinforce the material that you cover.

Introduction to Reflexology at the University of Minnesota

This course is offered by the university's Center for Spirituality and Healing. You can access all course content online via a series of Web pages containing text and illustrations.

How Will This Course Module Help Me?

This free course offers an in-depth explanation of what reflexology is and what types of conditions could benefit from its techniques. While you won't be able to practice reflexology after completing this course, it will help you find a certified reflexologist. You will learn what questions to ask your practitioner and what to expect before ever sitting down for a session, including session length and possible reactions to treatment.

What Topics Are Discussed?

You'll learn how points on the hands, feet or ears correspond to the body's musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. By applying gentle pressure, reflexologists can help alleviate pain and anxiety caused by medical treatments or chronic conditions, such as chemotherapy, surgery, arthritis, migraines and fibromyalgia. You'll also learn how professional organizations, such as the American Reflexology Certification Board, regulate education and certification requirements for reflexologists.

Among the resources available to you are a list of online professional reflexology organizations, reflexology patient testimonials and informational links to related therapies, such as acupuncture and acupressure. You can also read synopses of clinical studies indicating reflexology's benefits.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

There's a 22-question multiple choice quiz at the end of your session that you may complete voluntarily. If you get enough right, you'll be able to print a certificate of completion. If you're a nurse you may be able to claim two hours of continuing education credit.

Do I Need to Meet Any Technical Requirements?

You'll need a current version of a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape to view the website. If you want to take the quiz, you'll need Adobe Flash Player. Both the Web browser and Adobe Flash Player are available for free download on their respective company websites.

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