Where Can I Find Free Online Theology Courses?

The University of Notre Dame is one of several postsecondary schools offering free online theology courses. Keep reading to find out what you could learn through these courses. Schools offering Ministry degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Should Know

Taking theology courses can strengthen your analytical thinking and your grasp of secular philosophical concepts. Accredited colleges and universities offer free online theology courses, which can be completed at your own pace; however, you won't earn credit for these courses. You might need a PDF reader to access course materials, which typically include a syllabus, lecture notes and a reading list.

1. Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical at University of Notre Dame

Based on a for-credit undergraduate course from 2005, the University of Notre Dame's Foundations of Theology course is available for free through the school's OpenCourseWare (OCW) database. To grasp the lessons of this online theology course, you can review materials, such as exams and a list of course readings, on your own study schedule.

What Will I Learn?

In this undergraduate class, you will study the Bible, as well as the history of Christianity and the church. The importance of the Bible in the development of Christianity and its relationship with Judaism is also examined.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

While optional and not for course credit, you could complete the class's assignments, answering questions about biblical chapters concerning prayers of intercession and the differences between the concepts of one Lord and one God. Other homework question prompts encourage students to compare and contrast Bible verses.

What Materials Are Provided?

This free theology course includes lecture notes on covenant formulary, the doctrine of original sin and the life of Abraham. A course syllabus, a professor biography, a course reading list and a set of quiz study guides are available for free. You may also access readings in the Bible and other religious textbooks.

2. Introduction to Catholic Moral Theology at University of Notre Dame

Provided via the school's Department of Theology, the course is available for free as an OCW. There are 29 lessons with some of the supplemental content available in portable document format (PDF), while others are links to websites.

What Will I Learn?

Originally taught in 2007 to undergraduate students, this course provides an overview of the historical development of the morality, principles and thinking that define Roman Catholic moral theology. You will study theological topics, such as sacraments, social justice, grace and virtue.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

The online class has mid-term and final examination review documents that include essay question prompts and summary topics. Case studies regarding moral issues and paradoxes are also offered for learning more about theology.

What Materials Are Provided?

There are several pieces of material available to build your knowledge of theology, including lecture notes, a course packet containing case studies and readings from textbooks and websites. The course also provides a survey of moral issues, lists of required and recommended readings and course handouts.

3. Latino Theology and Christian Tradition at University of Notre Dame

This non-credit OCW course does not include interaction with faculty from the school, and reading the course materials cannot count toward a degree. The school's Theology Department provides lecture notes for 15 of the course sessions.

What Will I Learn?

The class examines the growth of Latino Christian theology and religion in the United States. The course also covers the theology of Latino religious leaders and the impact of their views on worship, Christology, social justice and other theological concepts. This course assumes that you have studied basic theology.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

Supporting class materials, such as essays and presentations, are available as part of the free course offerings, which are all based on class readings. While you aren't required to complete assignments because instructors will not review your work, it could help you in your theology studies.

What Materials Are Provided?

The course includes sample essays, website links and PDF files of course readings and lecture outlines. You may also download a course syllabus and a professor biography.

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