Where Can I Find Free Online Theology Courses?

A number of postsecondary schools offer free online theology courses. Keep reading to find out where these courses are offered and what you could learn through these courses. Schools offering Ministry degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Should Know

Taking theology courses can strengthen your analytical thinking and your grasp of secular philosophical concepts. Accredited colleges and universities offer free online theology courses, which can be completed at your own pace; however, you won't earn credit for these courses. You might need to download course content, such as lectures, quizzes, videos, or notes.

University of Notre Dame

Notre DameX, the school's OpenCourseWare (OCW) database, offers a pair courses that teach important theological ideas. To grasp the lessons of this online theology course, you can review materials, such as exams and a list of course readings, on your own study schedule.

What Will I Learn?

In the 'Jesus in Scripture and Tradition' course, students will analyze and examine the identity of Jesus Christ by thoroughly reseraching and reviewing the Gospels and Church traditions. The second course provides an introduction to Islam through a review of the Quran, as students study the book's themes, role and meaning in Islam, and relationship with the Bible

What Materials Are Provided?

This free theology course includes a host of interactive learning tools, from standard fare such as videos and quizzes to more exotic tools such as game-like labs. Students have access to, and are expected to complete, readings in the Bible and other religious textbooks.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This religious institution provides free instruction in a number of theological topics. These self-paced courses are taught by top-notch professors, ensuring a quality education.

What Will I Learn?

Students have plenty of options to choose from thanks to the school's extensive list of offerings. More general topics include theology and culture, bible interpretation, and local evangelism, while more specific and concentrated courses include biblical interpretations of poverty and wealth, Christian theology, and the link between worship and one's profession.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

Students will be expected to watch a series of lectures pertaining to their topic, then follow these videos with quizzes to verify that they have retained the necessary information. The number of lectures and quizzes depends on the course, but students should expect a minimum of around 20 lectures and at least five quizzes.

What Materials Are Provided?

By enrolling in the course, students are granted access to most relevant materials, including videos and quizzes. The one exception is access to the suggested readings, which are not required but recommended by the professors teaching the course.s

3. Dallas Theological Seminary

Available through iTunes U, Dallas Theological Seminary's online theological videos are available for download for interested students.

What Will I Learn?

The school lists portions of over 30 courses, with hundreds of hours of video ready to be accessed. The school also offers over 600 chapel messages, which can be found in MP3 and MP4 formats. Theology course topics include eschatology, sanctification, and humanity and sin.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

These courses consist entirely of lectures. Students need only to listen and watch course content; at no point are there any exams or quizzes.

What Materials Are Provided?

All course content is available through iTunes U, which students can download for free if they do not already have it on their personal computers.

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