Gadgets That Will Make Your College Life Easier

There's a lot to handle while in college. You have to attend classes, take notes, complete assignments and study for tests, among other things. Luckily there are some gadgets out there that can help make things easier.



Most college courses involve taking a lot of notes, which means you have a lot to keep track of. Depending on how organized you are, it can be difficult to remember where you put the notes from last week's lecture. And then there's always the concern that you missed something your professor said. Enter the smartpen. Livescribe's Echo smartpen records what you write on its special paper or what you hear. You can playback the notes or use the USB connector to transfer them to your computer. A 4GB Echo will hold about 400 hours of recorded material and costs $149.95.

Solar Charger

Pretty much everyone who depends on technology has been on their way out the door when they realized they forgot to charge their phone or some other electronic device. But if you have a solar charger you can charge on the go. Voltaic's Amp Solar Charger, sold for about $99, can charge phones, iPods, cameras and GPS devices. Its small size makes it easy to carry around and it's certainly worthwhile to have it with you.

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive is a tiny gadget that can be a big help. You just plug it into your computer and are able to transfer files onto it with an easy drag and drop. Then you can easily take files with you wherever you're going. If you just finished your term paper and realized your printer is out of paper, you can put it on your flash drive and then head to the computer lab to print it out. And the best part is these drives are inexpensive. Some cost less than ten dollars, depending on how much storage space you want.


If you don't already have a smartphone, getting one could be a good investment. Instead of having scraps of paper with notes and reminders all over your desk, you can store all of the information in your phone. You can use the calendar feature to keep track of when assignments are due or upcoming exams. You can even set your phone up to send you reminders. There are plenty of other features you can enjoy too - easy e-mail access, address book, voice recorder and plenty of apps.

An Alarm Clock on the Run

When you're comfy in bed in the morning, it's easy to keep hitting the snooze button. But that can be a bad habit since it could make you late for classes or exams. Nanda Home has two alarm clocks that are hard to ignore. Clocky, which costs $39 or $45 depending on color, is made so you can only hit the snooze button once. It jumps three feet off your stand or desk and then starts rolling around while beeping. Another Nanda Home product, Tocky, also literally jumps off its location and to the floor. Once there, it plays either your own recorded messages or MP3s as it rolls around. Tocky can be bought for $59 or $69. Chasing an alarm clock around the room is one way to make sure you wake up and get out of bed.

There are also several tech shortcuts that can make your life easier.

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