General Studies Bachelor's Degree

Earning a general studies bachelor's degree can qualify you for several careers in many fields. Learn about the curriculum and how you can earn this degree online. Schools offering General Studies degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Is a General Studies Bachelor's Degree Program?

A bachelor's degree in general studies is a broad degree program without a specific field of study. This type of education could be useful for career advancement or as a foundation for more concentrated graduate studies. In a general studies degree program, you can take classes in a wide range of topics in the liberal arts, social sciences, natural sciences and applied sciences. Your general studies program could focus on one or more particular subsets of knowledge, such as business, sociology, criminal justice or history.

Program Specializations Business, sociology, criminal justice, history; among others
Online Availability Online programs are available
Common Courses Mathematics, behavior, economics, social science, business communication
Continuing Education Graduate programs are available in many fields

Can I Complete the Program Online?

You can find online general studies bachelor's degree programs through several colleges. In an online format, you might watch streaming lectures, participate in Web-based discussions through virtual forums, upload assignments and complete tests all via the Internet. Depending on your university's technology requirements, you could need an updated computer and software applications, such as a word processor or specific type of file reader.

What Classes Could I Take?

Since most general studies program have a liberal arts foundation, you'll generally have a large degree of flexibility when choosing your courses. You could take classes in business communication, mathematics, human behavior, economics, social sciences and children's art. Some programs include writing-intensive classes. In some concentrations, you might be able to participate in an internship through the school.

What Could I Do After Graduation?

After completing a bachelor's degree program in general studies, you should possess strong communication and critical-thinking skills. You might find employment in business, economics, education or public relations. According to the BLS, surveys performed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers noted that skills are usually more important to employers than the major of most college graduates.

If you'd like to pursue a graduate degree, a bachelor's degree program in general studies could give you a solid foundation for the graduate school entrance exam as well as several types of programs. Some possible graduate-level fields your general or liberal arts education could prepare you for include law, medicine, social work, education and business.

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