Grant Writing Classes

Grant writing classes can teach you how to apply for government and private grants that can provide financial assistance for various needs, like community projects, school research proposals and international nonprofit organizations. Read on to find out what you can learn in grant writing classes. Schools offering English Reading & Writing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

How Can Grant Writing Classes Help Me Meet My Fundraising Goals?

Grant writing classes help you identify and approach agencies that provide grant funds for researchers, educators, community organizations, nonprofits and small businesses. There are thousands of government and private grants available, and the application process is complex and competitive. Successful grant proposals must be targeted, persuasive, organized and detailed. In a grant writing class, you'll learn how to locate grant sources, define objectives, organize statistics and get your grant application into the right hands.

What Will I Learn?

In grant writing classes you'll learn how to write a proposal step by step. This typically includes an abstract, or summary of the proposal itself, a statement of the main issue your project or organization will address, your goals, plan of action, timeline and budget. You'll also learn how to respond to a Request for Proposal, or RFP, issued by grant-making agencies when new grants become available.

Courses may include peer reviews of proposals you write in class and tips for building relationships with potential funders. Many grant writing classes will also give you an overview of grant management procedures to help you comply with reporting and evaluation requirements issued by grant-making agencies after a grant has been awarded.

What Types of Classes are Offered?

Grant writing classes and workshops are offered online and on campus through community colleges, colleges and universities. You can enroll in a single grant writing class to learn the basics or take a series of courses leading to a professional certificate in fundraising or grant management.

Grant writing classes are offered through professional writing programs, such as those leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs related to public affairs. Schools, research facilities and organizations whose employees frequently apply for grants in science or technology categories often offer specialized grant writing classes to their staff members.

How Can Online Classes Advance My Career?

Many schools offer online grant writing classes leading to professional certificates, making the virtual classroom a viable option if you're a working professional seeking to expand your skill-set. Grant writing ability can be valuable in careers ranging from nonprofit management and community leadership to education and the arts.

Online grant writing classes include lectures, writing assignments and participation in group projects. You can interact with your instructor and participate in class discussions via e-mail, Web conferencing and discussion boards. Though technical requirements may vary by class, you'll typically need a computer, Internet access and a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word.

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