Great Dictionary Apps for Students and Parents

Your smartphone can do more than just keep you connected with friends and family. It can also help you settle arguments and expand your vocabulary, thanks to the many wonderful dictionary apps that are available. Check out this list for some tips on what dictionary apps might suit your needs.

Great Mobile Dictionary App Options

Looking for a good dictionary app for your smartphone? There are a surprising range of options out there. Whether you're looking for something simple and reliable, or something with a fun twist that will get your kids interested in learning new words, there's bound to be an appealing option for you. Most of these apps are free, and those that aren't are very inexpensive, meaning you can try several.

Great For Kids


Available for Android Phones

snapanda dictionary app

SnaPanda is an innovative and fun app that allows you to take pictures of words in order to look up the definition. This step cuts out the 'middle man' process of typing a word into a search bar. It might seem lazy, but it's a good way to get kids more involved with looking up words in the dictionary. Instead of having to go back and re-check the spelling of an unfamiliar word, users can just snap a picture of that word and be sure that it's spelled properly. You can also use the app to look up the meaning of multi-word expressions.

Simple and Fast


Available for iOS, Android and Palm Pre devices

The goal of this dictionary app is to give you quick, no-frills access to the definitions you're looking for. Function is definitely favored over form in this app, and that may be just the way some users like it. The design isn't sloppy - just very minimal and utilitarian. The database for Dictionary! features more than 200,000 words. Once the app is installed on your phone, you don't need to have a network connection to access its features, which include a thesaurus and spell checker. It's free for any compatible device.

The Beauty Queen


Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

discourse dictioanry app

If good design is always a priority, you might prefer this dictionary app. It features a sleek interface with more aesthetic consideration than any of the other apps on this list. However, this may be a case of style over substance - reviews for the product in the iTunes app store mention that it doesn't have a terribly extensive database. Another drawback is the fact that you have to have a network connection in order to use the dictionary, and it doesn't come with extra features like a thesaurus. Get it for $0.99 in the app store.

Old Faithful

Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry phones

If you are a frequent user of online dictionaries, chances are that you've used before. This online dictionary's mobile app uses the same extensive database of more than 2,000,000 words, meaning that you're likely to find a good definition of even the most obscure words.

The app also features the same clean, user-friendly interface as the website. It also has a thesaurus and other handy word-related tools. If you're looking for a reliable, versatile dictionary app to use as a primary reference, this is a great choice. The added bonus is that, like itself, the app is free for all platforms.

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