How Can I Find Part-Time Work From Home?

People looking to work part-time from home can consult the Internet, job placement services and other sources for this type of work. The article below describes some common places to find jobs that can be done from home.

Part-Time Work from Home

The United States Census Bureau reports that the number of people who work at home at least one day a week has increased dramatically in recent years. As technology continues to evolve and improve, more and more jobs can be done remotely, allowing for the digitalization of many careers. The resources listed below are useful for people looking for part-time work from home:

  • The Internet
  • Job placement agencies
  • Alumni associations

Important Facts About Working from Home

Technical Requirements Internet access, current operating system and internet browser, sound card, memory space
Possible Careers Digital e-mail marketer, sales representative, desktop support agent
Typical Job Duties Tech support, data entry, image tagging, quality control
Benefits of Working from Home Improved work/life balance, lower commuting costs, comfortable work environment

Using the Internet to Find Part-Time Work from Home

There are several websites that list open part-time work-from-home jobs. Most of these sites are similar to newspaper classifieds and allow people and companies to post contact information for job openings. Those seeking work from home over the Internet should thoroughly research job opportunities to avoid scams. Some illegitimate companies will require people to pay a fee or give out personal information up front and then never provide any sort of work or payment.

Finding Part-Time Work from Home through Job Placement Agencies

Some traditional job placement agencies can help people find part-time work from home. Some of these positions are temporary, but many can lead to permanent, full-time jobs if desired. Job placement services offer relatively few work-from-home options, but the ones presented are more likely to be legitimate than those found through less regulated means.

Using Alumni Associations to Find Part-Time Work from Home

The alumni associations of some colleges help former students find part-time work from home. For example, the University of Michigan provides a forum for the school's alumni to post job openings for other former students, including many opportunities to work from home (

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