How Can I Perform an Entry-Level Job Search?

A popular way to search for an entry-level job is to utilize online search engines and job sites. However, you should not discount networking and personal connections for word-of-mouth information. Learn where to search for an entry-level job, and find specific search tips in this article.

Where to Search for an Entry-Level Job

Entry-level jobs can be found online, in the newspaper, through industry organizations or by word of mouth. Websites like list thousands of college internships and entry-level positions. Belonging to a professional industry in your field can be beneficial; these organizations often have helpful job boards or mentor programs. Ask friends or professional contacts if they know of open positions. Social media sites such as, and are great tools for finding entry-level jobs. Use these sites to post your interest or browse contacts who have posted positions.

Important Facts about Performing Entry-Level Job Searches

Required Education Searches can be narrowed by education level
Key Skills Vary by profession; common skills may include computer skills, interpersonal communication, basic medical knowledge, organization and more
Work Environment Varies by position, may include office, travel, or on-site work
On-the-job Training Supervised training provided for some positions

Targeting a Dream Employer

Interested in a specific company? Search its website for open positions. Better yet, sign up for the company's RSS feeds, blog notifications or e-newsletters so you know when new positions are available. Consider contacting its human resources department to request an informational interview about the company and the qualities it seeks in employees.

Online Searches for an Entry-Level Job

Online job searches can be great for entry-level jobs. However, thousands of potential applicants can see each posting. You might even have trouble finding appropriate jobs among the sea of possibilities. National job search sites like and allow you to search for jobs by specifying location, years of experience, education level or field of interest. These advanced search options help entry-level job seekers zero in on their best opportunities.

Entry-Level Job Search Tips has listed its 10 top tips for Internet job searching. These search tips included everything from where to look and how to create a resume to cleaning up your online profile and networking. Some specific examples included:

  • Create a simple website with your resume for potential employers to view.
  • Google your name so you are aware of your online profile (employers will do the same).
  • Network as a way to make personal connections.
  • Use job alerts to be notified when job boards post positions that match your interest and experience.

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