How Important Is Taking a Career Placement Test?

Read this blog to find out how career placements tests can help you select and narrow down your career interests. You will also learn about different types of tests, how to take a placement test and some of the benefits of testing.

The Importance of Career Placement Testing

A career placement test can be important in helping individuals determine a career path that fits their skills and personality. By taking a career placement test, a person can also get a good overview of occupations that matches his or her personal preferences. Recent graduates and high school students can find that a career placement test is of great benefit when choosing a career. High schools and colleges may offer these tests to students separately or as part of career counseling. Commonly offered tests include the General Aptitude Test Battery (BATB), the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Taking a Career Placement Test

When taking a career placement test, a student or graduate should answer all questions honestly and with considerable thought to get accurate results. A career is based on skills, knowledge and preferences. So if a placement test is taken correctly, it should provide career options that are the most closely related to the answers submitted.

Benefits of a Career Placement Test

Placement tests typically provide several career options, giving test takers the opportunity to do a comparison. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' career database gives a clear picture of what to expect in a variety of careers. The information in the database covers average salary, job outlook and chances for advancement. A career placement test also helps a graduate decide if a career in a particular field is a good choice through assessment of personal preferences. For example, a person who prefers outdoor, hands-on work probably won't be happy in a cubicle job.

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