How Long Do Undergraduate Degrees Take to Earn?

The length of time it takes to earn an undergraduate degree depends on the level of degree you're pursuing and whether you attend college part-time or full-time. However, other factors come in to play. The following article explains how long it may take to earn different undergraduate degrees.

Overview of Undergraduate Degree Completion

Undergraduate degrees typically last between 2 and 5 years, but can be more or less depending on your course load and availability. Certain programs may require additional coursework with the classes. Courses can range in various subjects from arts to sciences. Below are a few different examples of undergraduate degrees and possible completion lengths.

Important Information About Undergraduate Degrees

Online Availability Full and Hybrid programs are available
Prerequisites High school diploma or equivalent
Program Objectives Prepares students for vocational careers and additional postsecondary education
Possible Careers Careers vary depending on field of study

Completion Time for Bachelor's Degrees

It generally takes full-time students four years to earn a bachelor's degree. Degree completion for part-time students depends on the number of courses taken per semester, and times can vary greatly. Some colleges also offer fast-track programs that enable students to earn their degrees in an accelerated time period.

Fast-Track Bachelor's Degrees

Many accelerated programs are geared toward working professionals with degree-oriented career goals. Here is information on two fast-track bachelor's programs:

  • Northeastern University: The school offers 18 month programs leading to bachelor's degrees in a number of fields. These programs are open to students who have earned an associate's degree.
  • Roosevelt University: Students age 24 or older with an associate's degree are eligible for this Illinois-based university's fast-track bachelor's degree program in psychology or business.

Completion Time for Associate's Degrees

Full-time students can earn associate's degrees in two years. As with bachelor's degrees, degree completion for part-time students depends on their course loads each semester.

Fast-Track Associate's Degrees

Fast-track associate's programs are also geared toward working adults. The following are two fast-track associate's programs.

  • University of Toledo: Full-time students at this Ohio school can earn an associate's degree in business management technology in less than 15 months. Students work in groups on interactive online projects focusing on business ownership or management.
  • Monroe Community College: Part-time students at this Rochester, N.Y., school can complete an associate's degree in liberal arts in less than two years.

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