How Public Transportation Can Save Students Time and Money

Having your own car to drive has it's benefits. But let's not forget the hassle of being stuck in traffic. Why not save yourself the road rage and let someone else do the driving by taking public transit. You may even be surprised at how much fatter your wallet looks at all the money you save. Schools offering Logistics & Transportation Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.


Ways Mass Transit Can Benefit College Students

Students at higher ed institutions throughout the country are increasingly feeling financially pinched by rising tuition and other college expenses. Transportation costs represent one area in which individuals can potentially save significantly. Learn about financial and practical benefits for students who utilize mass transit.

The Cost of Cars in College

A study recently published by the American Public Transportation Association suggests that Americans in major cities can save an average of nearly $10,000 a year by taking mass transit instead of driving. These significant savings for users of public transportation are not a surprise given the extensive costs associated with driving.

In addition to the expense of purchasing a car, individuals must cover costs that include registration, license, maintenance, insurance, gas and parking. This latter category can be especially pricey at college campuses, where parking spots often come at a premium price. Often spaces are so scarce that students may only get one through a lottery system.

Mass Transit Ideal for College

College students who live on or near campus are uniquely positioned to enjoy the benefits of public transportation, given the centralized locale in which most of their activities occur. It can be time-consuming and costly to locate and pay for parking around campus, but most colleges have free student transit options that allow individuals to get to and from various facilities.

Getting around the greater city or region that surrounds campus by public transportation can also be much more cost-effective than shelling out cash for a car and its associated costs. Often, colleges and universities subsidize the expense of mass transit passes so that students can enjoy unlimited travel on buses or trains for a small monthly fee - or even for free.

Hidden Benefits of Public Transit

The benefits of public transportation are not reserved only for saving on gas, parking and other car-related costs. Mass transit can be a considerable time saver, especially in areas where rail travel or surface transit lanes shorten commuting times. Even if public transportation does take slightly longer than would a commute by car, students who leave the driving to someone else can do homework or finish up on reading while using mass transit. This can open up time in students' schedules to do tasks that might otherwise be difficult to get to.

There are also some less intuitive ways that mass transit can help students save time and money. For example, individuals who utilize public transportation to do their shopping typically spend less at stores because they are limited in what they can carry. Not having a car can also prevent students from taking impulsive, unnecessary trips that can burn up resources. Even those who do own a car can benefit from taking a bus or train at times. Drivers who can prove lower mileage totals may be eligible for cheaper 'pleasure only' insurance rates because they don't use cars every day, but only for special occasions.

Another benefit of taking mass transit is that it could help students better prioritize their time because they have to stick to a bus or train schedule. Students may be more inclined to catch up on assignments or study more in between classes (instead of hanging out in the student center) because they want to get as much done while they're on campus. Developing such time-management skills can have long-lasting effects that enhance school success, professional performance and quality of life.

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