How Students Can Use Craigslist to Save Money

Using Craigslist as a free resource for classifieds ads can be very helpful. In fact, it could potentially save you money by helping you find used items to buy rather than brand-new ones. You can even find free things on Craigslist! Get more advice on how to use Craigslist effectively and safely in this blog.


Using Craigslist to Save Money

Students are always looking for new and interesting ways to save money. Whenever you can get something cheap, it's better for your wallet. But you still might be surprised to know that you can get a lot of savings and even freebies from just one particular site.

At this point in your life, you've probably heard of the website called Craigslist. If not, it's a website that offers classified ads for free on everything from finding a date to selling your car. It's been around for many years and can easily be used by anyone at no cost. As a student especially, you can take advantage of some Craigslist deals to save you money on the things that you need the most.


When people don't need something anymore, they often go to Craigslist to get rid of it. Furniture that a person no longer wants or needs can be used to decorate your dorm room. You might even find a textbook that you need advertised by someone right on your own campus! Because Craigslist caters to individual areas, you can find deals specific to where you are.

Another way of trying to find freebies through Craigslist is advertising for yourself. There is a 'Wanted' section in the 'For Sale' area of the site where you can write up a single item or a list of items that you want or need. You may get people offering things for a discounted price or maybe even items for free!

Used Items

Even if you can't find freebies, you can absolutely find discounted items that are used. Clothing sales, different pieces of furniture and likely even textbooks will be listed in the 'For Sale' sections. You can probably even haggle the price lower than what it is listed for on the site through e-mail.

Another great way to find used items without seeing them listed specifically is to look up the local garage sales. In one section of the site, people list the garage sales in your area, and you can probably find several to visit all in one weekend. That way if one garage sale does not have what you want, you can try another one a couple of blocks over. You might even find a dorm room sale on your own campus.


Looking for a unique local job to get you some spending money? This might be the right place to start. You can find anything from fast food places advertising for burger flippers to a local company looking for interns. If you are a senior especially, this might be a good site to turn to when you begin thinking about your future career. If you're not a senior yet, just remember that the best way to start saving money is to start making money.

If you don't want a real job, you can also find people looking to have individual tasks done for a one-time set fee. Look for students on your own campus who need something, and if you find nothing there, then check for babysitting jobs or lawns that need a little cutting in your area.

A Word on Safety

Even though you can get so much neat stuff from Craigslist, it's not all just fun and games. In this new day and age of communication through technology and the Internet, it might be easy to forget about personal safety precautions. Of course, not everyone on Craigslist is out to get you or swindle you, but be very careful about what offers you respond to and how much information you are willing to put out there.

Never give out your full name or address on Craigslist, even if the other person you're talking to does. If you have to go meet someone from online, make sure that you do not go alone. Make sure the item you are buying does not have serious problems and is actually what was advertised before any money changes hands. One of the most important things you can do is to watch for wording in ads that just seems a little fishy for whatever reason. If someone seems a little creepy, trust that intuition and don't follow up. Most of all, remember that if anything seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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