How to Make Money During Winter Break

For ambitious college students, making money over winter break is a definite possibility. All you have to do is come up with some ideas and follow through with them. We've listed a few for you to consider.


How to Make Money Over Winter Break

The season of giving is here, but how are you going to buy all those presents? A toy for your sister, a box of chocolates for Mom and who even knows what Dad wants this year! Don't let that pain in your wallet get to you. Check out these ways to make money over winter break and put a serious dent in your present expenses.

Be an Elf

You don't have to be round and bearded to help give kids a good Christmas experience. Many malls or stores like to have elves to assist Santa with kids or passing out candy. Not only that, but these stores will pay you just for being a helper. If you don't mind wearing a funny costume for long hours or interacting with excited children all day, this might be a pretty good option.


The holidays often involve special parties, family visits and vacations. Sometimes these events do not involve bringing along your kids. That is where you come in. Offer out your services as a babysitter to local parents who need someone to look after their kids while they celebrate the holidays. If you have trouble finding couples with kids around, consider offering to pet-sit or house-sit for people going out of town for Christmas.

Wrap Gifts

There are not many places that will hire someone for just a month. The exception to this rule is during the months of November and December. Everyone wants gift-wrappers around this time, especially retail stores and malls. Look around to see if any places are hiring gift-wrappers, then practice for a while to be sure you know what you're doing. You can also offer your services to neighbors who just don't have time to wrap their recently bought gifts.

Shop for People

Who has time to go from store to store and pick up those holiday gifts? Well, because you no longer have homework or studying to do, it seems you do have the time. Advertise yourself as a personal shopper for friends, neighbors and family. Go out and pick up everything on their Christmas list for them, then charge a small fee for your time. If you like shopping in malls, anyway, this can be a fun way to earn money.

Shovel Snow

Some locations aren't exactly snowy this time of year, but if white flakes are falling near you, then it's time to reap the benefits. Check nearby streets to see if anyone needs their front walk salted or shoveled, or just offer to shovel for friends and family. It's hard work for long hours, but everyone in your area will have to deal with the snow, so you'll have lots of potential customers.

Decorate Houses

Are you handy with a ladder and a nail gun? Then maybe you should offer to decorate houses for people who don't have the time or energy. Hang Christmas lights or decorate Christmas trees. Put up signs or set things up on front lawns. If you've got a fear of heights, offer indoor decorating for already busy households. You can pick how much you charge, but the more difficult or dangerous the job, the more you should probably get.

Sell at Craft Fairs

During the holidays you might see signs for craft fairs near you. You may have even been to them before, but have you ever considered selling there? If you can come up with a creative and interesting idea, and can make it for cheap enough to turn a profit, then look into signing up as a seller. You can make a nice little sum of money and also search out inexpensive gifts to give your relatives and friends while you're there.

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