Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree

You can major in interdisciplinary studies if you have broad academic and career interests. Learn how you can earn a bachelor's degree in a program that covers the topics of your choice. See examples of classes and postgraduate career options. Schools offering Interdisciplinary Studies degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Is an Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree?

Interdisciplinary studies programs are typically quite flexible, allowing you to combine several subjects of interest, which may include art, leadership, religious studies, environmental studies, human development and communications. A multi-disciplinary background can prepare you for a job dealing with contemporary societal issues.

Schools often mandate that you choose at least two areas of emphasis and develop a degree plan with the help of an adviser. You'll select appropriate courses that cover the requirements of general education and the concentrations that you've decided upon. An interdisciplinary education can develop your research and writing abilities, hone your critical thinking abilities, improve your organization and challenge you to integrate material.

Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree programs may be aimed at college students just beginning their studies or working adults who would like to complete their bachelor's degrees, so prerequisites for acceptance may vary by school. In some cases, an associate degree may be necessary. Other times, a program may need you to demonstrate self-motivation and academic independence by successfully completing just a year of college.

Prerequisites One year of college or associate's degree completion may be required for admittance depending on program
Common Courses Creative thinking, public communication, environment and society, art and ideas, organizational behavior
Online Availability Online programs are available
Possible Careers Writer, teacher, accountant, public relations specialist, business manager

What Classes Will I Take?

The classes that you take will vary depending on what areas of emphasis you choose. Some examples of course topics you may explore are:

  • World culture
  • Creative thinking
  • Public communication
  • Environment and society
  • Art and ideas
  • Organizational behavior

Can I Earn My Degree Online?

You may pursue an online bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies. The online option affords you the ability to schedule classes on your time, though you may need to complete assignments and tests by certain dates. A further benefit is that many online courses provide discussion forums so you can interact with classmates and professors as well as ask questions related to coursework and related topics.

What Can I Do After Graduation?

Your training could prepare you for graduate school. You might pursue a master's level interdisciplinary studies program or go on to professional law school. Additionally, you might choose to study a discipline like art therapy or psychology. You could also opt to enter the workforce. The careers available to you depend on your areas of emphasis, but the liberal arts training that is often incorporated into interdisciplinary programs can be a benefit. You could become a writer, teacher, accountant, public relations specialist, manager, consultant or industry technician.

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