Linux Certificates and Courses

Computer systems administrators may find it useful to earn professional certification in Linux, a common computer operating system. Find out about the types of certificates that are offered, and see what the programs will teach you. Get information on online certificate programs. Schools offering Computer Systems Administration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Linux, an open source operating system, is often used for server applications, computer networks and personal computers. Certificate programs for Linux are available online.

Certificates Offered through community colleges, university extensions and continuing education facilities
Courses File and directory structure, the Linux desktop, network basics, software applications, dual-boot systems, web servers, security, commands, etc.
Online Certificate programs and courses are available online

What Linux Certificates Can I Earn?

Certificates in Linux, offered through community colleges, university extensions and continuing education facilities teach the principles and methods used in Linux server applications. Most certificate programs focus on Linux administration. Other certificate programs provide certificates in Linux and UNIX.

What Courses in Linux Can I Take?

An introductory course in Linux introduces you to the Linux operating system for professional or personal uses. You'll learn about file and directory structure, the Linux desktop, network basics and the software applications that run on Linux, such as Open Office. Courses in network administration teach you about dual-boot systems, which allow you to run Windows and Linux on one computer.

Courses teach you about the administration of Linux Apache Web servers. You can learn about various Linux applications, such as Debian, Red Hat, Mandrake and Ubuntu in courses. Developers regularly change and upgrade software, so continuing education courses in Linux are popular among information technology (IT) professionals.

What Will I Learn?

Certificate programs focus on the administration of Linux systems rather than on the end-user operation of the operating system. Programs teach Linux installation and configuration methods. They teach file structure, hierarchy, utilities and the command line interface. You'll learn how to set up user and group administration and make the system secure from outside threats. Administration tasks learned include group management, user management, user groups, printers and file transfer protocol (FTP). Topics covered many include these:

  • Linux administration
  • Shell scripting
  • Networking
  • System security
  • Linux database servers
  • Systems fundamentals
  • Programming in Shell, Perl and C
  • File systems
  • Commands
  • Kernel building
  • Network setup

Can I Get Training Online?

Linux certificate programs and courses are offered in online format. In certificate programs, you'll learn about the Apache Web server, user administration, dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), SAMBA servers and the fundamentals of embedded Linux. You'll need a Linux operating system, high-speed Internet and an appropriate operating system to take online courses.

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