Medical Terminology Courses and Certification Programs

Medical terminology forms part of the coursework for many types of healthcare degree programs. Explore what you'd learn in a medical terminology course, and review some of the careers that require knowledge of a medical vocabulary. Learn about healthcare certification exams that may include a medical terminology component. Schools offering Allied Health degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Is Medical Terminology?

Medical terminology is a vocabulary commonly used by health care workers to describe the workings of the medical field. Health care professionals who are proficient in this skill understand how to interpret and analyze health reports and record patients' medical histories. As such, understanding medical terminology is an integral component and part of the skill set for medical professionals.

Where Can I Find Courses?

You can take medical terminology from vocational schools and universities as a means of improving your understanding of the administrative aspect of health care. Some institutions might offer free medical terminology courses, as wells as courses which are offered as part of a degree program. You can also earn a certificate by taking a medical terminology course from a vocational school.

How is It Incorporated Into Programs?

Medical terminology courses form part of the degree programs that prepare you for medical administrative professions. For instance, administrative medical assistants, who electronically record patients' medical records, often earn an associate's degree in medical administration which includes medical terminology as part of the coursework. Medical terminology is also part of medical laboratory technology degree programs, as well as in programs that prepare you for a career in medical billing and coding. Nursing certificate and degree programs also include medical terminology as an introductory course to prepare you for advanced courses in the field.

What About Certification?

Just as courses in medical terminology are used in medical degree programs, many examinations to become certified in health care professions include medical terminology content. For instance, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) certifies coders who can pass an examination that includes questions on medical terminology ( As a recommended means of preparing for this examination, the AAPC offers an online medical terminology course.

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