New Years Resolutions for Student Success in 2012

Out with the old and in with the new. What will 2012 bring for you? Now's the time to decide that for yourself and make a change for the better in your student career. Stick with these simple New Year's resolutions and you're bound to see a difference.


A new year is upon us and everyone's getting their resolutions ready, whether it's to lose a few pounds, to stop smoking or to spend more time with family. All those are noble causes, but if you're a student they may not be the most applicable. You have other, different concerns in your life that come with areas for improvement you're less likely to find in people who've left college. So tailor your New Year's resolutions to suit your life as a student and give yourself a leg up in 2012 with these simple suggestions.

Get Those Grades Up

Maybe your grades are perfect, but chances are you have at least one or two classes you know you could do better in. Take more time on research and papers, get a tutor, join a study group or talk to your teacher to better understand certain subject matter. Raising your grades, especially those in your major, will help you feel better about yourself and will also reflect well on your job applications. If grad school's what you choose to do after college, good grades will help you there as well.

Clean Your Room

Not every student has a spotless room; in fact, very few do. Take time this semester to clean out your mini-fridge, pick up all that clutter and even vacuum and dust. Having a clean room will keep your mind focused when studying; it will also make the place more welcoming for friends to visit. Your roommate will thank you, even if he or she is the messier one. Additionally, a bacteria-free room and a clean fridge are just plain healthier for everybody.

Make New Friends

Not to say that old acquaintances should be forgot, but maybe it's time to branch out. Befriend a new freshmen or seek out students who are coming to your school mid-year and make them feel welcome. This is a wonderful gift for people who might be nervous in a new environment, but it's also a gift for you. College is a fantastic time to socialize, and doing so with all types of people will better prepare you to interact with everyone once you reach the working world. No matter who you are, it's also nice to get new party pals as well as study buddies.

Take an Unusual Class

It may be hard to get all the classes in your major finished in four years nowadays, but think about signing up for something that isn't in your field, like maybe art or library studies. College is the ideal time to try new things and discover what you're good at or what you really enjoy. You might not end up liking what you pick, but it's just one semester out of your life, and you'll never know until you try. You might just find a new hobby for years to come.

Learn to Manage Your Finances

There's no better time than now to learn about managing your own money. Open a savings account, begin working on your credit score or make a budget plan for your future. If you have the time, get a job so you can start saving for life after college. Coming out of your student career with a good grasp of how to run your finances will give you a leg up in the future, and it'll better prepare you for a job and living independently.

Get More Sleep

This may sound impossible given many students' hectic study and social schedule; still, this is an endeavor that's entirely worth it. Getting extra sleep will help you be more awake and able to learn in your classes; it will also keep your immune system strong so you'll get sick less. Sleep is good for your body and your mind, so make sure you're shooting for that magical eight hours per night. Also, more sleep in the evening means less naps in the day and more time with friends when you're not tired and grumpy.

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