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Learn about online CAT scan technology schools and certification programs. Explore courses of study, program prerequisites, clinical internships and licensing requirements. Schools offering Cardiovascular Sonography degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Students of CAT programs learn to perform diagnostic images of the internal organs by using computerized tomography scanners, also known as CAT scanners. Online CAT programs prepare you for certification examinations and help you earn credits towards continuing education.

Training Internship at a local medical facility or place of employment
Online Entire certificate program or a portion of the curriculum online
Certification Must graduate from an accredited ARRT program

What Classes Will I Take in an Online CAT Scan Program?

An online CAT program teaches you about sectional anatomy, pathology, safety, patient care and computed tomography protocols. CAT programs may prepare you to sit for certification examinations in the field or provide you with continuing education credits. While some schools may offer an entire certificate program online, other schools include only a portion of the curriculum online.

Is There a Clinical Component to the Program?

As a student in the program, you are required to participate in an internship at a local medical facility. Online programs allow you to arrange the internship at a facility close to your home. If you are currently working in a medical facility, you can complete the internship at your place of employment, provided that the facility utilizes CAT scan equipment. Clinical components at some schools are competency-based; therefore, you can complete the clinical portion in less time if you can document your competency in the subject.

What Will I Need to Do Before Enrolling in the Program?

Many online programs may require you to undergo a physical exam, drug screening and background check before enrollment. In order to protect yourself from acquiring and spreading conditions, you need to get vaccinations for Hepatitis B and chickenpox.

Some programs require that you hold a current CPR certification from the American Heart Association or some other organization. Other programs want prospective students to be a registered technologist and have graduated from an accredited radiologic health science program. For the online component, you need to have high-speed Internet access, a current e-mail address and word processing software.

How Do I Decide on a School?

Look for programs that offer an ARRT CT registry review in the curriculum. The ARRT offers voluntary certification, and many employers prefer applicants with this credential. Also, many states use exams administered by the ARRT for licensing purposes. Additionally, to be eligible for certification, you must graduate from an accredited ARRT-approved program.

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