Online Canine Nutrition Degrees and Courses

Although you likely won't be able to find a full online degree program in canine nutrition, you can take courses in the subject, either as standalone classes or as part of a related degree program. Explore these options, and find out what you'd learn in a canine or small animal nutrition course. Get info on how online learning works. Schools offering Animal Care degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

There are not online programs solely focused on canine nutrition, but there are related online degrees. Holistic nutrition programs for dogs and cats teach students about how to heal certain pet sicknesses through food. Animal nutrition courses also cover the digestive system and animal diets.

Degrees Related degrees include online holistic nutrition and animal nutrition
Courses Pet nutrition, animal nutrition, food chemistry, equine nutrition
Online Related programs are available online, but students may need to take exams in person

What Kind of Online Degrees Can I Earn in Canine Nutrition?

Online degrees in canine nutrition are not available; however, there are some alternative online programs and individual courses which address the topic even if they don't lead to a degree. For example, you could enroll in an online holistic nutrition program for dogs and cats. In this program, you'll learn how to use food therapy to remedy basic pet illnesses. The idea here is that commercial pet foods do not provide the balanced nutrition a pet needs. They need a diet consisting of fresh, varied foods instead.

You can also enroll in individual courses that cover topics such as pet nutrition or animal nutrition. In a pet nutrition course, you'll learn how a pet's diet is often the cause of behavioral problems. You'll also develop a basic understanding of what to include in a pet's diet to keep them happy and healthy. Topics of study could include prescription diets, nutrients, feeding practices and pet food developments. You might study these subjects for traditional pets as well as exotic pets, birds and wildlife.

In an animal nutrition course, you'll learn about the digestive processes, deficiency symptoms, functions of nutrients and diet formulations for domestic animals. Depending on the program, special emphasis may be placed on specific animals, such as dairy and beef cattle, pigs, poultry and horses.

How Do I Access the Online School?

You might use a media player to view your courses. You might also participate in email and discussion groups with your instructors. Required reading materials are sometimes available online, on CD or in print. Exams might be taken on paper, rather than online, and sent to your instructor. This may require setting up proctored exams at approved locations.

What Requirements Do I Need to Meet?

You'll probably need to take prerequisite courses before enrolling. For the pet nutrition course, prerequisite courses might include animal nutrition fundamentals, human nutrition and principles of equine nutrition. For the animal nutrition course, you might need to take some classes in organic or food and agricultural chemistry. Additionally, some courses might require you to have reached sophomore standing before you can enroll.

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