Online Classes in Boat Motor Repair

Classes in boat motor repair can prepare you for a job maintaining the propulsion systems of boats and other marine vehicles. Online classes in boat motor and small engine repair are difficult to find, but some options exist. Read on to learn more about these courses, how they work and how to find an accredited program. Schools offering Diesel Mechanics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Online Classes in Boat Motor Repair are Available?

Online boat motor repair classes are usually offered by for-profit institutions and often included in programs, such as collision repair or small engine repair. These programs cover boat motor repair in one or two sections of the curriculum or as part of another course. You'll learn the difference between boat engines and other small motors. Other topics covered include lubrication, cooling, ignition and electrical systems.

You may also be able to find online classes through boating groups and publications. These classes are often geared toward boating enthusiasts and industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge. Courses that focus specifically on boat motor repair might be difficult to find, but you can learn about marine electrical systems and propeller selection.

What Differences Are There Between Online and On-Campus Courses?

Online courses in boat motor repair often lack the hands-on aspect of campus-based courses, which usually allow students to work in mechanic shop settings. The guidance and supervision you'd receive in an on-campus course allow for learning opportunities you might not get in an online program. You'll be able to physically work on motors, as well as read about engines and marine vehicles, in an on-campus program. Courses generally run on a semester schedule, and you may have the option to choose a concentration. Most campus-based programs confer a degree or certificate upon completion.

If you choose to enroll in an online course, you'll learn about boat motor repair through reading texts and working on assignments. You complete coursework at your own pace, but within a set amount of time. An assessment or exam is sometimes given at the end of the course, and you may earn a certificate of completion or a diploma upon successful completion. Some online course providers offer individual classes in specific topics.

Which Programs Are Right for Me?

Students should make sure they choose a boat motor repair program that holds accreditation from agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Education. On-campus programs more commonly meet this criterion; however, depending on your career plans, some online courses might work for you.

According to the Marine Industry Training & Education Council (MITEC), high school vocational programs, community colleges and technical schools can all prepare you for a career in boat motor repair ( The council also says that continuing your education is important throughout your career. MITEC maintains a list of training programs for the marine tech industry.

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