Online Econometrics Courses

Online courses in econometrics, while difficult to find, teach you how to use mathematical, statistical and other analytical tools to evaluate real-world economic situations. Learn about these courses and other online resources. Schools offering Economics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Are There Any Online Econometrics Courses Available?

You'll probably have a difficult time finding online econometrics courses; however, there are some introductory online courses. There may be prerequisites to enroll in these courses, and they're usually offered as part of a degree program in economics or business. Additionally, there are some non-credit mini-courses and online econometrics journals and software tools available to econometrics students as research tools.

What Does the Course Cover?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, econometricians analyze data to predict economic cycles, the potential effects of tax policies and more ( An online econometrics course will introduce you to these concepts. You'll analyze a variety of econometric models, including GLS, FGLS and OLS. Statistical methods make up a large portion of your coursework. Training in econometrics-related software is also covered, as is time series econometrics.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Most online courses work in an asynchronous format that allows you to view lectures, participate in discussions and complete assignments on your own time. Some online courses operate with weekly deadlines, and the schedule typically coincides with the school's terms. Many schools say that students who learn successfully through online courses need to manage time well and commit the same time to the course as campus-based students.

What Online Resources Are There?

You can often find online academic papers covering econometrics. Online econometrics journals, labs, lecture notes, statistical calculators and tables are also available online. These are generally provided free by universities and libraries as research tools and practice experience for econometrics students. Some topics you might find include global econometrics rankings, market models and why econometrics is important.

There are also econometric glossaries and software available online. Other online econometrics resources include statistical textbooks, Java applets, probability calculators, scientific calculators, Z tables and more. In some cases you might need to own or download software, such as RealPlayer, to use the tools. In other cases, you may need to own specific software, like SST programs or TSP software, to view data sets.

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