Online Graduate Physics Courses

Find out the topics you can study in online graduate physics classes, such as thermodynamics and electricity. Learn how online and hybrid graduate physics courses work. Schools offering Biology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Topics Are Covered in Graduate Physics Courses?

Through online graduate courses in physics, you'll study a variety of topics in a number of fields in physics. Some courses cover information about particle charges, magnets and methods of acceleration. You'll study information about physics and science in everyday life as you examine motion, liquids, heats, gases and sound. Through online graduate physics courses, you could study perspectives on the universe of great scientists, including Galileo and Einstein. You'll also explore the laws of motion, the nature of the solar system and concepts pertaining to space and time. Other topics of study could include:

  • The solar system
  • Electricity
  • Thermodynamics
  • Maps of elements
  • Nuclear energy
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Light

At What Levels Are Courses Offered?

Online graduate courses in physics are available through master's and doctorate degree programs. Some of these courses are available only through a degree program in conjunction with on-campus courses. Others are available individually, for specific purposes, such as refresher courses in physics.

How Can I Use the Courses?

With online graduate courses in physics, you could teach physics to high school students or introductory concepts in physics to younger students. If you pursue a doctorate, you could teach at the collegiate level. Also with a doctorate, you could become a physicist, working in laboratories and reporting your research findings. You could also focus on a specific area in physics, such as radiation and energy.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Online courses are often asynchronous, which means they can be accessed at any time. You will partake in lessons online; they're usually available through audio and video lectures. Downloadable lecture notes offer supplemental information, as do readings that you will complete through regularly-assigned textbook readings. You will also be expected to interact with your classmates via discussion boards, Web chat and e-mail.

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