Online K-12 Education Degree Programs

In addition to programs in elementary or secondary instruction, available distance-learning programs in K-12 education allow you to pursue study in various specialties. Review your options for online learning in the education field, and find out what it's like to take classes over the Web. Check whether online programs prepare you for teacher licensure. Learn more about the coursework in a K-12 education program. Schools offering Early Childhood Education degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Types of Online K-12 Education Degrees Can I Earn?

Online degree programs in K-12 education are generally offered by universities at the master's level. These lead to degrees such as Master of Education or Master of Science in Education. You might choose a program geared toward general instruction of K-12 students, or you could select a program that allows you to focus your studies in a specialized area like literacy, English as a Second Language, special education or educational technology.

DegreesMaster of Education or Master of Science in Education
Common ContentInstructional methods, student assessment techniques, classroom management, curriculum assessment strategies, research methodologies
LicensureRequirements vary according to state
Online AvailabilityFull or hybrid depending on degree level

What Sorts of Topics Are Covered?

As a graduate-level student in this field, you'll study instructional methods and educational theories. Collaboration, technology or communication skills might also be discussed. You'll also learn about subjects including:

  • Student assessment techniques
  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum assessment strategies
  • Legal contexts for teachers
  • Research methodologies

Can I Become a Licensed Teacher by Completing an Online Program?

Although many online K-12 education programs are designed for already licensed teachers who want to earn a graduate degree and advance their careers, some are intended to prepare students for initial licensure or certification. Requirements for teacher licensure or certification vary by state; you'll need to check to make sure a given online program meets the stipulations of your state.

How Do Online Programs Work?

Some K-12 education master's degree programs may be offered completely online; these are typically programs designed for already licensed teachers. Degree programs for teachers seeking initial licensure are usually offered in a hybrid format, requiring both on-campus and online study; field-based student teaching experiences in K-12 classrooms are incorporated into these curricula.

Prior to embarking upon one of these distance learning programs, you'll undergo an orientation intended to familiarize you with the way online aspects of the program work. Courses are generally asynchronous, although some classes may offer opportunities to participate in real-time sessions so that you can interact with professors and peers. Coursework could include completing reading assignments and participating in online forums.

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