Online Visual Merchandising Courses

Through online visual merchandising classes, you'll study ways to present clothing and other products so that they are a visual advertisement, drawing customers in and encouraging them to make a purchase. Learn more about topics covered in visual merchandising courses below. Explore related degree programs, and get information about online learning. Schools offering Communication Design & Interactive Media degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Do Online Visual Merchandising Courses Cover?

Visual merchandising courses can be useful for retail careers and careers in fashion. In these courses, you will learn about product development and consumer behavior, and you'll use what you learn to set up product displays in ways that will attract favorable attention. You'll also learn about marketing and promoting products through store arrangements. Courses touch upon specific ways to arrange a store so the colors and the product setup is space-efficient and appealing to customers. Other topics of study include:

  • Color design
  • Planning and controlling merchandise
  • Buying
  • Sustainable designs
  • Managing brands
  • Aesthetics

How Can I Use Visual Merchandising Courses?

You can use what you learn from visual merchandising courses to set up and display products environments. You will set up window displays that draw people in. You will also set up displays at the check-out that will entice customers to make last-minute purchases. These techniques can be beneficial not only for clothing stores, but also for restaurants, grocery stores and other retail environments.

What Types of Degree Programs Offer Online Visual Merchandising Courses?

You can take online visual merchandising courses at the undergraduate or the graduate level, though courses are most commonly available at the undergraduate level. Courses specifically on visual merchandising often start in the second year of a bachelor's degree program. Programs are available through programs in visual merchandising, fashion merchandising and sales.

How Do Online Courses Work?

In the online courses, you will partake in lectures that are available in audio and video formats and complete assignments for each lecture. Assignments will have regularly scheduled due dates, so you will have to complete lectures regularly to keep on top of the course content. You will also take quizzes and tests online, in a secure format. Instructors may require you to actively participate in online activities and exercises.

Most programs will encourage you to interact with your classmates through chat rooms and discussion boards. This will allow you to share your experiences, answer questions, ask questions and get to know your classmates. Some professors require that you participate in classroom discussions to get full credit for a program.

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