Private Security Bachelor's Degree Programs

Learn about the types of bachelor's degrees available in private security, including online programs. Find out concentration options, job possibilities and employment outlook. Schools offering Criminal Justice & Security degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Kind of Private Security Bachelor's Degree Programs Are There?

You can find a variety of bachelor's degree programs that focus on the private security field. You can earn a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Business Administration. While there are programs referred to as private security, similar programs are called private security and loss prevention management, public safety and security management, security management and emergency management. Additionally, many criminal justice programs offer courses or concentrations in private security.

If you need a flexible schedule while pursuing your private security bachelor's degree, you can choose from various online programs. Some are designed for students who have some educational and work experience, while others allow you to earn the degree entirely through the Internet.

Online Availability Online programs are available
Common Courses Fire safety, risk analysis, law, security technology, organization strategies
Possible Careers Law enforcement officer, security guard, private security agent

What Courses Might I Take?

The courses you take in a private security bachelor's degree program give you a basic understanding of the issues related to securing private property and protecting people. You learn about technological advances used in the industry and how security businesses are organized. The laws and policies pertaining to private security are also discussed.

Other courses you can take cover fire safety, public relations, risk analysis and architectural design. Private security investigation and forensic investigation courses are also offered. You can also learn about criminal justice and constitutional laws.

What Jobs Can I Get?

You can find work in a wide range of organizations with a private security bachelor's degree. While you might qualify for some law enforcement positions, hospitals, corporations, non-profit groups and private security firms hire graduates of these programs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the private security job market is growing as more companies are seeking professional security guards. Hospitals and nursing homes are hiring security guards, the BLS reports, and many events use the services of private security management companies.

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