Schools for Cartoon Design

Find out admissions requirements for cartoon design education programs and courses included in these programs. Learn about job duties and career options for cartoon designers. Schools offering Children`s Book Illustration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Does a Cartoon Designer Do?

Cartoon designers, also known as cartoonists, are primarily responsible for creating a series of animated images to tell a story or relay a message. Cartooning is a field that has changed a great deal as technology has progressed. As a cartoonist, you may be responsible for contributing to the comics page of your local newspaper or for animating all of the popular cartoon shows on television.

How Can I Apply to a Program in Cartoon Design?

Most schools offering a major relating to cartooning, animation or illustration require you to have at least a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma. They will also ask you to submit a portfolio of your work. This portfolio should consist of approximately 15-25 works of art. Generally, the artwork in your portfolio should be current, should represent your best work and should be representative of your style. It should also cover a variety of techniques, media and subject matter. Your portfolio will carry a lot of weight in your application, so take the time to put together a great one. An interview may also be required before you are admitted.

What Will I Learn?

Because there are so many cartoon-related majors out there, what you learn will depend on your specialization. Relevant majors for a career in cartoon design include cartooning, illustration, sequential art, graphic design and animation. You will take classes on a wide variety of topics, including drawing, the human figure, perspective, narrative art, layout, inking techniques, design, humor drawing and caricature, lettering, animation, color, and online comics. Some schools may offer internships that allow you to get hands-on experience in a relevant job field, which might be useful if you're not sure what direction to go. You can earn a variety of diploma types in this field, from an associate's degree to a Master of Fine Arts.

What Kind of Job Will I Get?

Depending on your specialty, you may be qualified to work in a wide variety of settings. If you're interested in drawing for print, you might create original artwork for comic books, greeting cards or paper goods, advertising campaigns or children's books. If animation is your specialty, you can get a job in the film, television or video game industries. Some graduates of cartoon-related programs also go on to design toys or become graphic novelists.

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