Should You Attend a Virtual Career Fair?

If you've been wondering about virtual career fairs, then this article is for you. Below, we discuss a few features of the virtual job fair and help students understand what to expect, in order to be better prepared.


Attending a Virtual Career Fair

Add career fairs to the list of things you can do on the Internet. If you're looking for a job and want to have more options available to you, you should definitely find some virtual career fairs you can 'attend.'

What to Expect

Employers who have a 'booth' at a virtual career fair are able to post information about their company and its job openings. Just like with an in-person job fair, you'll have a chance to get a lot of information from different employers you might want to work for, as well as job leads. You can submit your resume to positions of interest and even interact with people from the company, possibly by using instant messenger or video chat. This means you don't have to worry about not getting answers to your questions. Depending on the set-up, you might also be able to create a profile to keep track of jobs you apply for or even search for companies based on your individual working interests.

The Effectiveness of Virtual Career Fairs

The popularity of virtual career fairs seems to be growing, with some higher education institutions even making them a part of their career services. While some of these fairs are hosted by outside organizations, colleges are able to host them, too.

Why Virtual Career Fairs Are Worth It

For students seeking employment, it's definitely a good idea to participate in virtual career fairs. First of all, it can help expose you to a greater amount of companies. One virtual career fair could have employers from other states and even other countries. You aren't limited by the employers close enough to attend or the ones who can afford to travel. And of course the more employers you connect with the better your chances of finding a job.

Another positive is that you don't have to travel either. Since you can take part in these fairs right from your college dorm you, you don't have to worry about the costs associated with attending a career fair that isn't on or near your campus.

While the Internet could help your job search, it could also harm it. Get some tips for making a good online impression.

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