Students: Get Education Discounts Sent to Your Inbox

Considering how limited the finances of a student can be, it's a good thing there are some great discounts that come with that student ID or .edu email address. However, sometimes the best deals are hard to find. This article lists some sites where students (and, in some cases, non-students) can sign up to have great deals sent directly to their inbox.

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Email Deals

Students love to save money. Let's face it, you don't have that much to spend in the first place, so the less things cost for you the better! But sometimes it's hard to find discounts on things you need. Clipping paper coupons takes time, and there are so many sites to sort through that it gets hard to find what you need. Well, here are a few handy destinations you can use to get discounts to come to you through e-mail.

Amazon Student is a great place to pick up student supplies on the cheap. Through the site you can sign up for a student account (called Amazon Student) that has no subscription fee or monthly cost. Amazon will send discounts relevant to your interests and needs to your inbox when they become available, and you'll also receive free shipping for a limited time as well as other small discounts on your purchases.


This handy little site is specifically about discounts for everyone, not just students. Find coupon codes for your favorite online stores or print out discounts for local grocery stores and products. Sign up with your e-mail and you'll be regularly sent a list of the highest-rated discounts as decided by other site members. If you're a pizza fan, the savings for ordering pizza on this site are pretty unbeatable.


Most students have a personal computer, but they need more than that to work effectively in college. This site helps with software, hardware and other non-digital school supplies, giving discounts and package deals. The account sign-up is free and allows you to receive e-mail updates on offers and closeout deals.

Student Buying Guide

While this site appears more like a blog, they have a new deal every day on things relevant to student lives. Beyond school supplies or books, this site also offers tech gadgets and gift card discounts, and additionally gives a small description on how each of these items can be used. Sign up with your e-mail address to receive their deal of the day.

Student Rate

This site offers discounts for just about everything a person could need whether or not they're a student, from computers and furniture to sports equipment. There are also package deal promotions on software, travel and much more. Sign up for a free account and receive e-mails with the latest deals, and don't forget to select your college to find local deals or bargains specific to your campus. You can also 'like' their page on Facebook to keep up to date on the discounts.

Student Universe

Most students will inevitably need to travel during their college career. Student Universe helps make that cheaper, whether by bus, air or car. Here you can find cheap tickets and lodging for any destination. Sign up using your e-mail address and you'll get discount offers for the places you're most interested in visiting sent directly to your inbox.

Curious about special deals offline as well? Check out these nifty college freebies that you could find on your campus.

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