Tax Specialist Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in accounting could prepare you for a career in tax preparation. If you are interested in becoming a tax specialist, you could use your associate's degree to transfer to a degree completion program at the bachelor's degree level. Read on to learn more about course topics, entering this career, and how you can complete training online. Schools offering Accounting - Taxation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Can I Expect From a Tax Specialist Associate's Degree Program?

While tax specialist associate's degree programs are rare, you may find associate-level accounting programs offered and take classes in taxation and income tax law. This is an entry-level program and may be ideal if you are planning to transfer to a larger university to complete a bachelor's degree in accounting or business with a focus in accounting. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most tax accountant positions require at least a bachelor's degree, with some firms and certifications requiring a master's degree in accounting (

If you do not wish to continue your education at the bachelor's degree or master's degree level, you may find jobs with tax preparation firms or attempt to earn a certification that does not require advanced education.

Associate-level accounting programs could give you a foundation for understanding accounting principles. In order to tailor your degree to your interests, look for programs that offer courses in individual and business taxation and federal tax laws. Some programs may require these courses or offer them as electives.

Tax Accountant RequirementsBachelor's degree, but some employers require a master's degree
Program Availability Tax specialist associate's degrees are uncommon, but relevant coursework offered in accounting associate's programs
Common Course TopicsDevelop and manage budgets and cash flow, federal tax filing laws, individual tax preparation, business tax law, general taxation
Online AvailabilityFully

What Will I Learn?

An associate's degree program in accounting may teach you how to develop and manage budgets and cash flow. Specific courses in taxation may cover federal tax filing laws. Business tax law courses may teach you how to identify and manage an organization's tax situation, including employment and social security taxes, income reporting and tax deductions. You may also take classes in general taxation and individual tax preparation.

Are Programs Available Online?

Associate's degree programs in accounting, with course offerings in tax preparation and law, are available fully online. Online programs offer the opportunity to earn your associate's degree in accounting from a remote location. Programs may offer supplemental educational resources, such as a virtual library and access to professional literature, through their online interface.

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