Turf Management Degrees: Online Programs

Though often found in campus-based formats, some turf management degree programs are available online. Keep reading to learn what they entail, including program levels, classes and career prospects. Schools offering Landscape Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Types of Turf Management Degrees Are Available?

Turf management degree programs are most commonly available at the associate's and bachelor's degree levels. In most cases, these programs are only found in campus-based programs. However, in rare cases, both associate's and bachelor's degree programs in turf management are available online. In addition to degree programs, some schools offer certificate programs in turf management. Certificate programs are available online more frequently than degree programs.

Degree OptionsAssociate's, bachelor's and certificate programs; some online availability
Common TopicsGrasses and growing conditions, differentiation of plant species, insects and turf diseases
Career OptionsLandscaper, turf manager, groundskeeper, private lawn care, sod production

What Courses Will I Take?

In an associate's or bachelor's turf management program, you'll learn how to maintain various types of turf systems. You'll study the types of grasses used in different settings and examine the growing conditions for each. You'll learn to differentiate between species that are planted based on regional peculiarities, cultural trends and functional purpose. For example, turf systems used in heavily-trafficked areas, such as football fields, will differ from those used in community parks.

You'll study insects and diseases that may damage turf. You'll also study weeds and the methods used in weed control. Some programs include coursework in the physical properties of soil systems and soil chemistry. Both associate's and bachelor's degree programs in turf management often include a work experience requirement. Online students can usually fulfill this requirement through a local facility.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

A degree in turf management will prepare you for outdoor work in a variety of possible settings. A golf course may be your most likely employer, as these sites require turf managers, groundskeepers and landscape experts. You may also find work in the public sector, working for a parks department. Turf management opportunities could be available through employers that require large-scale property maintenance of schools or corporate campuses. Other possible career options may include sod production and private lawn care.

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