What Are Popular Careers in Accounting Technology?

Accounting technology is similar to bookkeeping. However, a career in accounting technology implies an emphasis on education in cutting-edge accounting technologies and software programs that increase overall productivity. Read this article to learn more about popular careers in accounting technology. Schools offering Accounting Information Systems degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

About Accounting Technology

Accounting technology personnel accomplish more than just bookkeeping tasks. A career in accounting technology involves helping businesses or organizations monitor revenue and expenses. These numbers are tracked through sophisticated accounting software programs that record and analyze data for inventory control and strategic planning purposes. Management looks to the accounting department to forecast a company's performance, and that forecast helps management make decisions about the company's strategic plan.

Important Facts about Careers as Bookkeepers, Accounting Clerks, and Auditing Clerks

Training Most individuals in this occupation receive training once they are employed and begin working. This training can sometimes take up to six months.
Certification To become certified, applicants must have spent at least two years bookkeeping or doing relevant work full time and must also pass a certification exam.
Key Skills Good with computers, pays attention to details, integrity of character, aptitude for math
Similar Occupations Accountants, auditors, cost estimators, financial clerks, revenue agents

Popular Careers

Accounting technology career titles often overlap bookkeeping or entry-level accounting titles, such as financial clerk or accounting clerk. However, accounting technology professionals may have more training in technology and understand how to use it for the efficient completion of accounting functions.

Career Preparation

A career of this type typically begins with an associate's degree in accounting technology. This level of education will enable you to gain entry to the profession through starting-level positions in various industries.

Salaries for Accounting Technology Professionals

Accounting technology professionals include bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and auditing clerks. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the median earnings for workers in these careers were $36,430 in 2014. A large number of people were expected to retire in the future, and job growth in accounting technology was expected to be average from 2012 through 2022.

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