What Can I Do with a Multimedia Degree?

If you have an artistic flair and a knack for computer programs, you might have what it takes to build a multimedia career. With a multimedia-related degree, you could be qualified to apply for a wide variety of positions, including animator, web designer or video technician. Learn more about potential career options here. Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

About Multimedia Careers

As a multimedia professional, you might be responsible for combining your creative, artistic abilities and technical competencies. You're responsible for using media such as audio and video to create content for a variety of audiences. If you'd like to work in the multimedia field, you will have fair career prospects: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that multimedia artist jobs would increase six percent from 2012-2022, thanks to consumers' demand for animation and visual effects (www.bls.gov). The following sections represent areas in which you might pursue a career after earning a relevant degree.

Internet Applications

As technology progresses, the number of ways information can be presented on the Internet increases. By utilizing your creativity, software and other technologies, you might develop interactive websites. You could be able to assist programmers in bringing images to life through motion. Moreover, you might ensure that a web page's graphics don't hinder its usability. Typical job titles in this area include web designer, web developer and web content creator.

Fine Arts

As a fine artist, you might combine traditional mediums, such as drawing and photography, with cutting-edge computer applications. For example, as a photographer, you could digitally manipulate your work to create never-before-seen images. Should you become an installation artist, you could combine audio and video to create an interactive art piece.


Much of the entertainment Americans consume is touched by the multimedia industry. In a career that allows you to combine multimedia and entertainment, you might help produce video game graphics, DVD graphics and menus, images for television programs or interfaces for CD-ROMs. Some professional titles you might hold include broadcast designer, game developer, motion graphics designer and animator.

Commercial Industries

Companies in many industries are taking advantage of multimedia workers, whether by having them create new products that integrate different types of media such as MP3 players, or by using their skills to create advertising campaigns. Publishing companies also employ multimedia artists. As an example, you might help to develop interactive computer products to accompany books or create online content for magazines. Sample job titles you might pursue include graphic designer, advertising manager and multimedia designer.

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